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Just out of curiosity, what is the process for getting videos featured on Vital? I know a lot of pretty talented riders in my area have been getting some really cool clips recently and I think it's something they'd like to look into trying to accomplish. ... more »

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Why do you need to know?

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Also, what were you doing when it ripped?

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Don't ever simply bash a company from one bad experience. I've purchased demolition parts for a long time, and the Momentum is one of the most popular tires in the street game today. Almost everyone I know has ridden them. It might just be a manufacturing ... more »

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Double-walled rim, sealed bearings. May be cheap in price but id say you got a damn good wheel.

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Is it a hub guard that threads onto the axle in place of a cone washer? Something is too tight. tighten your cone washers until they are just barely snug and put your wheel on

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I understand that tailwhips and bars cant really compare to skate tricks, but since whips and bars are difficult bmx tricks, why not pair them up with skate tricks that are equally as difficult rather than tricks that just look the same?

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as far as grinds are concerned, the following match up pretty evenly: BMX --> Skate Feeble --> Feeble Smith --> Smith Double Peg --> 50-50 Tooth --> FS 5-0 Ice --> BS 5-0 Crankarm --> Boardslide

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I hangout with a lot of skateboarders. I would like to play SKATE with them when they play, but I'm obviously on a bicycle. Has anyone ever thought of compiling a list of tricks, comparing bmx and skate tricks (compatible either by method or by difficulty) ... more »

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Vital developers: The blue nav bar at the top (#main_nav_wrapper) of the page resizes to the width of the window. This means when you scroll right, the blue bar ends and the black text ("News", "Forum", "Store", etc.) is hard to see due to the black ... more »

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All I see is some creepy old dudes getting drunk at a skatepark.

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If you are a heavier build id consider a dirt jumper/26" hardtail mountain bike. It will ride like a bmx bike but it should be a little stronger. youll feel more comfortable on it.

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streetblocks for sure. I use the powerblocks for racing and the tread design is genius. Streetblocks are a beefed up version for street. Deffffff a good tire

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uhhhh^ YES. That would look tits.

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All super young. Most look alright until you get close.

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I posted this in the Midwest forum 3 months ago and I haven't gotten a reply. Moving to the Cleveland metro area in May. Any trails spots out there? Also bike-friendly parks!? If you're from the area you should let me add you on Facebook so I can have ... more »

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Like the first reply said, go ride some trails first, that will give you an idea to start with. And, they wont be perfect right away. After you ride your lips a few times, you'll need to adjust them according to how difficult/easy they are. As far as ... more »

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Out of a bank is by far the best way to learn. Any kind of flyout will do really. And once you get it dialed out of those, just translate those techniques to flat and you'll start doing flat 3s.