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Left was a bmx race in 2010, went OTB. Right was from a motocross crash in 2016, went OTB Seems to be a common theme for me.

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At the end of the day I guess its all subjective. There is no true way to determine which is better. There are too many variables involved. Get what you want, if you don't like it don't buy another. Feels like we're debating over nothing anyway since ... more »

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Allow me to play the patriot card here and say you don't just buy American goods for quality, you also buy them because that allows another one of us to be able to put food on the table for ourselves. If it's a company that's being run by good people, ... more »

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These are starting to catch on. @Badvibebmx is a popular one for the Cleveland area. A few people and myself started one for Toledo called @broledo. Drop your scene IG accounts.

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Deadsailor, we've all deadsailored at some point 666, because I like iron maiden

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Just started snowing here so I thought I'd throw up some shots from the Highland Jam this summer in Toledo, Ohio. Some of these aren't the best quality. I just pulled them off of our facebook page. If you're near the Toledo area, follow Broledo on instagram.

... more »

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Gsport Gland is what they are called. They have a front and a rear version. Awesome product.

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I use the gsport plastic hub guards. They work great, they are cheap, they are universal and they cover a lot of area. Occasionally you'll have to replace the zip ties that hold them on because you'll saw them off over time.

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Sent you a message. Add me on facebook Dyldo Jeans lol

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Anyone with any sense wants to ride like this guy. Good fit for FBM he kills it.

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Yo dude. Ninjas has been out of commission for a while but a few of us next year would like to change that. For now, you should make some trips to the wheel mill and rays with some of the Broledo guys. @dylangoesfast on instagram. Looking forward to ... more »

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Whoops. This is old guys. Just saw I had it listed as Felt Shiv forks, which was wrong. Fit.

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Just out of curiosity, what is the process for getting videos featured on Vital? I know a lot of pretty talented riders in my area have been getting some really cool clips recently and I think it's something they'd like to look into trying to accomplish. ... more »

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Why do you need to know?

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Also, what were you doing when it ripped?

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Don't ever simply bash a company from one bad experience. I've purchased demolition parts for a long time, and the Momentum is one of the most popular tires in the street game today. Almost everyone I know has ridden them. It might just be a manufacturing ... more »

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Double-walled rim, sealed bearings. May be cheap in price but id say you got a damn good wheel.

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Is it a hub guard that threads onto the axle in place of a cone washer? Something is too tight. tighten your cone washers until they are just barely snug and put your wheel on

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I understand that tailwhips and bars cant really compare to skate tricks, but since whips and bars are difficult bmx tricks, why not pair them up with skate tricks that are equally as difficult rather than tricks that just look the same?