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So, I'm probably old enough to be most of you guys' Dad. Here goes. 1988 Dyno Pro Compe. This is me, 9th grade at Santa Cruz High School. I never did go pro.

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I was nervous about learning them on the 24" because 1) I thought the bigger wheel was going to pose a problem and 2) I thought the fork offset was going to pose a problem. NO PROBLEM! Landed it first try out in front of the house

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We wore skate clothes in the late 80's/early 90's. Lot's of Vision Street Wear, Skate Rags, 2Hip, etc. I started riding when we transitioned from neon colors and FREESTYLE RAD BMX!!! to dark, grunge clothing. Club Homeboy was on the come up, as well

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Yo! My name is Dion and I just got my Stolen Saint 24" on Friday. Built it, rode 20 miles on Saturday through my old spots in Santa Cruz, Ca. LOVE this bike, although some things needed help (like a crappy brake). Ordered an Evo with clear pads and a

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