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BMX survey
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Basic Info
How long have you been riding?: since last summer ridingseriously sine november
Do you bmx on a regular basis?: yes
What gets you motivatied to ride you bike?: music girls friends adrenaline adhd
Why do you do the sport?:
The G Ride
Bought a Complete? or fully custom?: complete
What frame?: dk siklon (piece of shit hi ten)
What handlebars are you riding?: stock dk
What kind of fork?: stock dk
front wheel?..back wheel?: stock 36, nitrous ds red
What size Gearing ratio?: 25/9
Whats the weight?: 22-24 i think
Most used company on it?: shadow
What kind of tires?: snafu back kenda front
Whats the next plan for it?: new cranks
Ending questions
favorite place to ride?: ollies park or any park
What kind of Music to you listen to while riding?: rap/punk/metal
Where do you plan to go with bmx?:
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