Students should provide unique answers to assigned questions for common application essay  

As the norm for filling a common application is gathering momentum, with passage of time, it is essential that students learn the technique of writing their common application essay in a unique manner. Therefore, they need to present a paper that will grab the attention of the selectors from its beginning, while hooking them to go through the complete essay, with interest.

Students aspiring for the admission to the prestigious colleges and their dream course programs should have the prior knowledge on the essay that selectors would expect them to attach with their application. Therefore, going through the essay questions of the previous years would help them in analyzing the expectations of the admission officers, while getting an indication on the evaluation criteria used by them for assessing the submitted papers. Students could go through an essay writing example from for this purpose.

In addition, they should master the art of writing a common application essay that can answer one of the six, assigned, questions for such essays, while expressing their opinion on the concerned issues in a logical manner. However, they should not over-exaggerate their display of such knowledge and a skill as it is going to harm them more than doing any good. Tutors and selectors are experienced enough to understand the difference between an original statement and the one that contains an amount of bragging in it. In any case, students could go through a few essay samples to get a clear understanding about this issue.

However, the following guidelines would assist students to present the essay with their common application to the colleges of their choice in a proper manner. In addition, it is advisable that they also look at a good term paper help to understand the technique of writing a well-defined essay.

Provide specific reasoning

While discussing the common application essay question, students need forwarding their reasons on the stated viewpoint, while they should express their firm opinion on the controversial issues. Students should realize that it would be grave mistake to give an opinion, which is subject to certain conditions, or present two to three different answers to the same question. This would give an indication of their fickle mindedness in tackling a particular situation.

Support your opinion with information from external sources

Students should try to conduct a limited research exercise to find the opinion of others on crucial issues, before they express their thoughts in answer to a particular essay question. For example, while discussing an issue like,” right to die”, it is advisable to go through the viewpoints of medical professionals, who are authority on the subject. Thereafter students could correlate their ideas with such findings to form a firm opinion on the issues concerning their essay topic. However, their final thoughts and ideas should be original. Students could go through a research paper help to learn the technique of finding the relevant information.

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