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Its defintley in the hips. need stomach muscles to keep that dynamic balance aka the air hump.

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Stick a piece of cardboard stock under the back edges of the pads before tightening. I been using clear ghost pads, they arent adjustable but still do that out of habit. They work great.

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Too bad no one makes an adjustable bike! That would be awesome if you could go to the bike shop, crank a few nuts n bolts and feel the difference in geometries. you can definitely feel the difference but theirs so many more factors. My 21" bikes feel ... more »

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Double stack the washers, grease the threads and it goes nice and smooth. Dang you got ripped on hardware prices. Find a place that charges by weight!

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Do you need the convertible guts with it or just the post? I've got a brushed aluminum one that's been cut a few inches. And a new polished one I'd let go too.

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Most people screw up because they subconsciously try to slow down the bike when turning it around. You dont want to do anything to change the bikes backward momentum. Dont lock the pedals. Leg/crank position is important so the faster you back pedal ... more »

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I still haven't been here! Looks awesome. The Desert Trails in Mesa are hard to ride. Tight radius little lips, giant rough wooden mtb jumps, and not a lot of in between.

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There are concrete lips and trannies all over my neighborhood, mostly in ditches. There's one ditch about a block away with perfect banks to wall/ledge, I've been drawing plans for a while. It might end up being a wooden tranny to wall. I wanna go all ... more »

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Bro I feel your pain. I nose dived to flat a coup years ago and wrecked my collar bone/shoulder. The surgeon left me worse off than I was. So in the meantime, dealing with a half working arm and looking for a new surgeon, what am I doing? Building another ... more »

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Seems like there are only 2 warehouses in the world where all bmx parts come from.. One for old school, one for new school. Getting "ships in 30 to 60" on some S&M parts. I bet they aren't even made yet. We used to call that a ponzi scheme. The industry ... more »

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There's a 6mm through-bolt, then an 8mm and a 10mm that both use a seperate bolt for the brake arm. Most frames have flat bosses on the frame, the little fishmouth pieces are just for looks on MOST kits, but some frames do need them (if the boss on the ... more »

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Straight legged butt-out riding needs to die. If you want to ride standing straight up with your butt out on your tippy toes, don't get taller bars, get a scooter! Girls jeans need to go away too. Unless yoga pants are the replacement... Splatter paint ... more »

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My hands started hurting in the same areas, switched to 1.5 up 12mm back sweep and it's better. It's not riding making them hurt cuz they hurt right now and it's been months since I've rode. But upsweep was killing my hands and wearing through the grips ... more »

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Snug it down and roll a bit, adjust til your arms feel even and your bike goes straight lol. Then Snug them some more. My eyes must be crooked cuz every pair of handlebars looks bent when I try eyeballing it. Stems bars and rear wheels can take all day.. ... more »

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My cranks click when a bunch of black crust builds up in the vallies of the sprocket teeth and on the chain rollers. . Is your chain dry and cruddy like mine?

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I remember doing an x-up on my shiny new red Diamondback when I was a kid. The stock reflector in the headset hit the top tube and left a gouge that's forever imprinted in my mind. I cried. That's why black and raw got popular. Want to know a secret? ... more »

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The cable comes rolled up in a 4" circle. I think it can handle the bend. Linears literally form into shape. The Race housing will kink a lot easier than the steel one though. Once they kink they collapse, gotta be careful.

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It probably means your sprocket is bent or worn out. Wtf you kids need to quit school and get into a technical field. School is doing you no good. Teflon tape and thread locker have nothing to do with each other, Teflon tape is for plumbing fittings. ... more »

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Man, Im wearing a pair of UGPs from 2004. All these new shoes look like Keds to me. They all have the same soles and no toe box. I got big hillbilly toes man. Even saw at the sporting goods store, the same Keds ass looking shoes with Dickies and Carhart ... more »

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I think he meant an automobile not a city, lol. Been riding since the late 80s I guess, technically. Im only 32 but my first 2 bikes were Huffies that got mangled so i must have been doing something right at a young age. I still have my first "real" ... more »