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Other than the begining "photo talk" that sounds like a suicide note. The riding was fresh... you need to get back on that street tip dog! I never knew you had rail skillz like that...fresh!

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Alright guys, here is the OFFICIAL WORD and NEW updated flyer for next weeks contest. Entry fee has be dropped to only $15 and that includes the $10 entry fee for the park. We will run 2 divisions for bikes. Beginer 15 and under and Advanced 16 and older.

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I have a 33t sprocket on my WTP 24" Cruiser. I want to put Skyway Tuffs on it, but I can only get a 15t freewheel for it. Do I really need to put a 40t + sprocket on it? What will happen if I run the stock 33t?

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