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Ok, solved that, found a Fit Team Street from 08 on craigslist from one of the afformentioned skinny jeaned kids. Ordered a custom FBM and am waiting. In the meantime I forgot what the thread was so... I miss hammer as well, I miss the idea of safety ... more »

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Do we get old pros like my friends Dave Mirra or Kenan Harkin? Or maybe my Woodward camp counselor, Terry Tenette? Will people like Dennis McCoy or Ron Wilkerson answer questions? Or maybe Matt Hoffman? Will you have Justin Green or Gary Ellis? I'd ask ... more »

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Don't jet hop, bunny hop and corkscrew your body (Wind up) before leaving the ground. I found when I first learned that (I guess I was 8 and it was 1983) I would turn my front wheel in that direction as I led off and jet hop into it. I fell often. Within ... more »

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I'm 37 this year. I rode for decades and bent my back bad in a truck accident. Since then I have barely rode at all. I sold all I had and have not even one bike left. Moreover, the bikes I banged on were weak. I weigh 240 Lbs and i'm 5'7". I lifted weights ... more »

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