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I have my old Ruben frame hanging on the wall. My current bike has a MacNeil 25t spline drive sprocket that I picked up cheap and was the colour I wanted. It's a fine part. Earlysport

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Interesting. A hanger in a straight cable setup could be run that way too, I might try it. Earlysport

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Hoffman Bikes 2002 Condor Pro Team Series
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The more I ride BMX the more it makes the MTB feel like everything is in slow motion. No question in my mind that riding BMX makes you better on the MTB. I'm starting to get my timing back, manuals and decent height hops etc just by riding a couple of ... more »

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Light Total Killabee
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After a 10+ year hiatus I'm back to the BMX community. My last build was a Volume Ardelean which I still have, but building up something new is always a way to get the stoke going. I'm running the rear axle right back in the drops as I really struggled

... more »

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So I wonder if the OP is still riding? I've just started riding BMX again at 49 after a 15 year break, I've been riding mountain bikes regularly (DH and trails) but getting back on a BMX is super fun and super harsh ha. I've got my manuals 50% back (can't ... more »