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Sick Tattoo! We appreciate you reppin the brand! You and your dad should stop by the warehouse if you live in Mooresville, NC. We are about 20mins from you in Landis, NC. Give me a call and I can get you directions and some special pricing on a new bike. ... more »

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Eastern Bikes

Yo man feel free to contact me about the fork and hub. (919)772-1907 ext. 722


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I remember talking to you yesterday now Dee Hos. I offered you Nomads for 80.00 trade in because of your situation. As you can see here => I gave you a bigger discount than what the normal trade-in cost is. ... more »

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Yoo Dee Hos, This is Rob at Eastern Bikes. To answer your question about the warranty we will not be able to warranty them since you are the 2nd owner of these cranks. But you can use our Trade-In Program that will help you out a lot on the price of ... more »

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The Grim Reaper has become the crown jewel here at Eastern Bikes. When we first introduced this lightweight beauty in 2007 it quickly caught the interest of the BMX community. But that usually happens when you bring something out that is as revolutionary and innovative as the Grim Reaper. Now we keep the fire stoked with the Grim Reaper Eternal Edition. It still has the same flavor as the OG Grim but with updated features like the integrated chain tensioners in the drop outs, the new Lowboy seat clamp, Wider bottom bracket, a Helix down tube and more.

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Eastern Bikes was in Brazil to attend a trade show with our new Brazilian distributor, Biape. During our trip we picked up Brazilian rider Douglas "Doguete" Leite. On the last day we were there Adam Banton and I stopped by his local skatepark and filmed him for thirty minutes before we had to get on our plane. Doguete does it all from Park, Vert, Street and even the Mega Ramp in which he won first place in the high air recently. You will see more edits from him soon! -Leigh Ramsdell. Eastern Bikes

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EasternFan87 left a comment 5/9/2008 10:08 PM
EasternFan87 guys are like my hero! haha. i just got an 08 ace of spades i love it so much! thanks for making awesome bikes and parts.

add me!!!

IrIdEbMxDiDuKnOw left a comment 5/9/2008 6:56 AM

hey yer eastern me idols how much are the ti. bars i got hundred that enough add me

easternrider21 left a comment 5/6/2008 5:22 PM

ay thanks for the frame and cranks i should be gettin your sprocket and back wheel tmrw
btw u became a member on my birthday so that would be cool if u should throw in a free red, deceptikon stem lol
add me

JakeyG05 left a comment 2/14/2008 4:31 PM

You make the sweetest bikes im hopin to get the 08 ace of spades soon and start shredin. add me as a friend plz.

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