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Pop the bearings in as far as you can w/ your hand, then tighten your cranks down, works better than a home made press. Make sure you put the cone spacers on next to the bearings.

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No, if you have a railed seat now, you have a seatpost for railed seats. Haros site says you have a one piece seat & post. Can you post pics of what you got? Top and bottom.

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Hahahahhaahhahahaahha Did you get hit by a car?

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I have two of these: One is over 10 years old and still kicking.

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Back to the FBM frame, rad choice. great geo, unless you want a super tech frame. I love mine.

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Kink Human bars, nice size, not too huge 8.5 rise, 28 wide, uncut. Spot only existed for a month or so

RIP. My fat ass was too sketched out to tire ride it haha. Ice jibs galore!
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nooooooooooooo... Beatlejuice!

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Congrats, I see your on The Come Up

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JCPC, I kept losing pins in my thermalites so I tossed them. I also hated my twisted for some reason. But I don't think I will ever look for another pedal after getting the JCPCs

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Got me pumped to ride!

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I never saw the final product for the last one, link?

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I prefer a GLH in the rear and a FAF in the front. Works for me in the desert. I have not found a better combo yet.

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I love my straight cable setup, doubt Ill ever go back. It is nice to be able to go as fast as I want when I want!

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Hoder in NYC