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You mean a single cartridge bearing that has nothing to do with eclat and could have been in any coaster on the market? Yeah its great, and so is the brand new driver they gave me aswell just to make sure ill be alright for years.

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If its all fair and square, business is business

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Id go BSD, but thats a preference. Spec wise, they match up pretty well. Just make sure to get the chromo axle if you go antigram

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The freecoasters that are meant to be 'weak' are KHE style. Pawl type ones weren't known for anything as theyre a relatively new design still. I rode an EZRA once, and all I can do is I didnt like the slack even at max slack. But I like lots of slack ... more »

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So it's the exact same thing but with Sundays name on.... how interesting....

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Its cool af I think, but I wouldnt get one unless it was for a second/later build

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Im surprised more people havent said Bill Perry. His NYC ride things are the best shit going. I watch Brailleskateboarding or something like that. Iunno, but they do 'skate everything' which they whack trucks on random shit. Its funny. Guys voice gets ... more »

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You can invert a FL but it aint gunna match the amount of rise that a top load will usually. And big everything is trendy, and alot of the time if someone wants more rise, a stem will be cheaper then a new set of bars.

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Can i just say this idea SUCKS. Ive been buying a shit ton for my bike recently (new frane, tyres, stem, chain, bearings, rims, freecoaster, tools etc) and now i have no money and it suuuuuucks. Fuck noodles, save some moneys for proper food because ... more »

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Im like 99% sure beiber likes the bum fun. So youd have to go bigger than a fist to make that kid scream

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Yeah ive been on the same set of sleeves since summer 14, so durable for sure hahha. And not really, driver was just stiffer than i was expecting. I know shit takes time to wear in etc, but i didnt remember my cult being that tight. Either way, i was ... more »

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I forgot about that guy! ahhh, I miss when I had time to vital all the time

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Cortex laced to a straight wall Polar rim. Now finally my eclat wheelset is complete! Polished Eclat Polar rims (Aero front, straight wall back for my future brake) Eclat Teck v1 with v2 axle and custom hub guard Eclat Cortex 9t LHD Eclat Vemon ... more »

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Very true. Its incredibly important to consider these things.

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This. The fuck is he chatting on about hahaahha. I cant imagine Tree just doing a bog standard coaster internals wise, but it does look like itll be khe styled atleast

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I thought markit zero was more pleasing to watch but the level of riding in deadline was insane. as it was in zero, but yknow what i mean aha. Eclat have an insane team right now, so does odyssey, dub, bsd... fuck theres just too much talent in bmx today ... more »

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Jason phelan, if youve seen his part in nearly 4k then youll know what I mean. Ledge rides with dead drops the other side. @JonnyGanja true that gerber is fucking nuts

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I was finished with mine, but then I bought a new frame.... and then I decided I needed to change up my bike. Going Federal x Animal x Eclat. Just bought the Cortex (being delivered friday!!) which I will lace up to this new shiny straight wall eclat ... more »

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This. I dont know about you guys, but the that hang 5 down that hill was one of the ballsiest things I've ever seen.

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Your parts list is always random af and got me thinking this gunna be a scrapper, then I scroll down an its always a super clean well built machine!