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Reply to What a bad first night back on the bike :( 9/13/2009 12:29 AM

Especially when you start casing a lander or quarter that you would normally always land clean. I dont like the idea of throwing my bike out of anger, but sometimes i feel like i just wanna launch that fucker 30 feet over my ramps and call it a day.

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wow and i thought i was the only one that gets frustrated with the same crap. Only thing is i ride like every 3 days or so, and then other times once a week. I could be riding great one day, and not get on the bike for like 3 or 4 days, get back on it ... more »

Reply to i rode with an Ex-mod today 9/13/2009 12:10 AM

so wat, our current mod comes to my house to ride my ramps BIATCH, trumped ya, lol

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Shit im actually a liar. I forgot about my plane flight back from Texas after i worked for relief efforts during Hurricanes Gustav (Louisiana) and Ike (2 weeks later in Houston). I wasnt selectivley randomed in Houston. But that was probably because ... more »

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Hey BIG MOUTH, how are you gonna ask proof of this DVD that he owns, when i have the FUCKING LINKS TO THE MOVIES IN MY SIGNATURE, so there it is, FOR YOU TO SEE. Endgame, The Obama Deception, and the most controversial 9/11 documentary EVER, LOOSE CHANGE

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Every fucking time i get on an airplane, i get picked out of line to go to the RANDOM SELECTION line to get a ridiculous security check done on me and my belongings. Last time i checked, all the "terrorists" from 9/11 were fucking BROWN, not WHITE!!! ... more »

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That's because us SHEEPLE need to forget that tragedy, excuse me, i meant "move on"like our government orders us to do, excuse me, i meant like our government would like us to do while they pass more Patriot Acts and start butt raping us to get on a ... more »

Reply to Sattelite Dish in my Backyard...Pics 9/12/2009 11:04 PM

god i know you must be bored in Texas if you made a Vital Member Profile, never thought i'd see da day. I wouldnt be shocked tho if this was your only posting ever, LOL

Reply to Whats the diffrences between 2piece and 4peice bars 9/12/2009 7:57 AM

lol, lets not state the obvious, lol and lets not ask retarded questions where the answer lies in the question. 4 pc bars used to be the shit back in the day, i think they still look better than the ugly 2 piece bars. As far as specs go, 4 pc bars are ... more »

Reply to Global De-Population Agenda video 9/12/2009 7:45 AM

yea it's actually my default song on my myspace page. He isnt that popular yet, so i haven tused him as an example. @christianbikes. Boring will save your fucking ass. School was boring to me too, but i still learned.

Reply to Global De-Population Agenda video 9/11/2009 10:35 PM

There are alot of artists that sing about alot of the issues i speak about. Rage Against the Machine is a perfect example. " Settle for nothing now, stand for nothing later" I dont listen to John Mayer, but i've heard this popular song on the radio quite ... more »

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our water has been fluoridated for a very long time, and our foods have been genetically modified for a while also. Basically tho. 12/31/2009 is when the Codex will take effect. People should wonder why this hasnt been all over television and the mainstream ... more »

Reply to Charlie Sheen's Video Message to Obama 9/11/2009 9:53 PM

Also, 34,000 children DIE on a daily basis. People are so illusioned by our government through the mainstream media that it's just plain sad. These people are referred to SHEEPLE. People who blindly follow their masters or leaders, and never ask questions. ... more »

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The Illuminati have their hands in almost every countries business. Plus it's alot easier to steer clear of blame if the swine flu is first found in another country. We as humans could almost be perfectly healthy if it werent for the Illuminati and the ... more »

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And those natural vitamins will be taken out, or the foods will be genetically modified, which the latter has already been happening for over 10 years in nearly 75% of our foods. Even Bill Nye the Science Guy did a show about it.

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The 500 million people left. Thats they're plan. Here's something that will shock the shit out of you guys. The Georgia Guidestones The very first "guide" on the stones says clearly, "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." And explain

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Because they're already sucking us dry as we speak. They're already so damn wealthy that they wouldnt be able to use it all anyways. Here's my example of DEBT, and how it comes along with Money. If you are the first and only person to receive a one dollar

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Believe me, i hope and pray that i am wrong, but a ton of evidence suggests otherwise.

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Since when does a Brita filter filter out FLOURIDE, it doesnt, and it never will and neither do any of the other "cheap" filters that poor people can afford. Do you people not realize that water is in EVERYTHING YOU CONSUME. All the foods and drinks ... more »