Malcolm Peters - TurndownThe crowds descended on Potato Trails on Friday evening for the 4th Night Harvest, one of the biggest dirt comps in SA. The boys at Potatoes have been working hard & have changed the line up a bit & made things much more interesting.

Potato Trails

Prepping the trails

With big names like Sam Reynolds, Kevin Kalkoff & Maxime Charveron we were in for a treat! As the sun dropped behind the mountains, the lights came on & the show began. A warm up jam session started things off. Once everyone was feeling comfortable Catfish introduced riders to the crowd & a little drizzle was keeping the jumps fresh, but gave the BMXers some grip issues with pedals, hands & tires, but that didn't stop the madness.

After the introductions it was hammer time & the big tricks started coming out. Reynolds was tricking everything & throwing some big flip no handers, while the French BMXers were just being French & way more stylish & going higher than anyone. Malcolm Peters was whipping & spinning all over the place & was good to see the trademark "Brendog Style" flow his way through the line.

The rain was on & off all evening but the crowds & riders were there for action & a little wetness wasn't going to stop this Harvest. Any tiny gap was made use of & trains of tricks were flying through.

The comp came to an end with a heavier downpour & prize giving commenced.


3rd Niclas Reichwein

2nd Justin Novella

1st Sam Reynolds


3rd Kevin Kalkoff

2nd Malcolm Peters

1st Maxime Charveron

The rain gave us another gap just in time to make use of the huge trick jump.

David Rigby was into it quickly & stomped a massive front flip 1st try. Then it was Sam & Justin going mad. 3double whips, flip whips, super nothings & just general madness was on Reynold's trick list & Justin was making use of the good vibe to throw down & was trying 720's, 3 no handers & gave a flip no hander a go. Even though he was eating enough dirt to feed all the moles in SA for a few years it was so good to watch him push himself. Consistency was in Sam's favour & he walked away with the Best Trick Crown.

All in all despite the challenging weather The Night Harvest was a huge success & everyone had a good party & show.

Thanks to all the guys that made this jam possible, to all the diggers for the mint trails & the sponsors Monster Energy and Sony Mobile ZA in association with Dial'd Bikes,CFC Scaffolding and WG Dixon - Pty Ltd.
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