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Do you guys do any leg workouts aside from riding? I ride a shit ton of miles on my road bike to keep my legs strong and weight train a few days a week as well. I'm not too worried about working a little harder on the down strokes.

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Yeah man we have a shit ton of stuff to ride up here and there is a bunch of really good riders around. I always have a couch spot for anyone wanting to ride some weekend shit. I'm pretty stoked on trying out a smaller set of cranks. i finally broke ... more »

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Fuck no. Kills my knees/shins.

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What's your height, and what do you ride most often? I really grew up riding trails and I think that contributed to me running the 175 and not even trying sizes. Well that and most everyone I rode with was older and running bigger cranks than the younger ... more »

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Hey guys, MY name is steven and I ride bikes. I'm 27 and have been riding off and on for a long ass time.

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Hands down one of the best edits I've seen in a while.

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brakeless since 1998. I don't see a reason to start now.

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I have my custom 50's era schwinn road bike (I'm a sucker for vintage road bikes) that I commute on daily and mystery bmx that I ride street on my days off. So can't wait to build up something different in the next few weeks because the geometry on it ... more »

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All joking aside... They did this in a House episode. Keep your head up man because they are making advances in medical procedures everyday. Keep fighting the good fight.

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I'm in the hospital at least once a year with something broken. Just recently recovered from breaking my left foot in two places which took me out of riding and work for 3 months. I still have a broken rib from going down hard years ago because health ... more »

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Not a problem man.

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I've only used industrial ones but anything that can produce steam to loosen it up would work. If you have an iron that steams then it should work. Just don't apply the iron to the skin. Keep it an inch away and move it around. The good thing about it ... more »

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You can glue it to the padding as long as its clean (wipe with alcohol) and dry. An electric or pneumatic stapler would be ideal since the manual ones are bulky and don't have a good amount of force. The big thing is making sure the staples are short ... more »

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Use a pretty solid glue (not runny) and just stretch it as much as possible. Make sure the staples you use are shallow enough not to come back through the seat when you staple the underside. Sometimes the glue has enough strength to hold it. I've worked ... more »