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Hahaha! Im commenting your page while txting Have fun in vegas.

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Im a fan of norma jean when they had their old singer, Dont know why But I just cant really seem to get into the newer stuff for some

Norma jean is still!!!!... more ยป
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Damn mike! See you at woodward next week

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Obviously you like your cars fast. How did you get into the "import scene"? I myself have a 02 wrx that has a few mods done that I take out to Road courses and auto-x, Do you find time in your busy schedule to do the same?

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Im in Charlottesville. The bowl is getting fixed this week and the skatepark is being completly rebuilt, but unfortunatly its gonna be prefab stuff this time

But its better than nothing!
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LONGTIME NO TALK MAN!!!!! This is bruce from evd! hit me back son!

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Wat up SON???? Im on this piece now!

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