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It needs to be taken apart and cleaned. Then new grease needs to be used before putting it together. When I first get a new free coaster I ride it for 2 days then clean it and install new lube. Then I just clean it once every 3 months after that, just ... more »

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I can't see 20psi being dangerous. The tire and side wall are stiff enough. I have run my front tire like this for over 2 years and not had on problem from it. It's not like the tire can pop off the rim with 20 psi holding it. Maybe with a different ... more »

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Can you post a picture of the chain be post here?

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Get a freecoaster! And be a stealth ninja.

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Just ride 36 hole unless you are doing roof top to flat landings. And above all make sure you keep the spokes tight on 36 or 48's.

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Wow, such a nice video. I love the style of riding, it is so unique from what most other riders are doing.

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I ride street and run 45-50 psi in the back and 20-40 psi in the front. Just run what psi feels good.

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What I do for my freecoaster to be smooth enough to do crank flips. 1. Install a thrust bearing or buy a coaster with a thrust bearing. 2. Use synthetic grease in the coaster. 3. It will always have more resistance then a cassette hub, so kick the shit ... more »

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What a great way to give back to the community.

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I have been a big fan of odyssey tires, because how long they last and the grip they provide. The Chase hawk tire looks really good, just not sure how well it does in the street.

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I just got back into riding after a little over a year break. I need a new front tire, right now I have a odyssey Ross. And I want something that is faster but has plenty of grip for the streets. What is the recommended front street tire right now?

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Still riding these cranks, no problems. The issue is every now and then I have to tighten the crank bolts back up, but I can deal with that. Very happy with these cranks, just hate that Ezra parts can not be bought any more.

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I just ordered the Alienation Runaway rim. I got a awesome deal on it. And since I have used them in the past I know what to expect. Thanks for eveyone who posted info about the Cult Match rim.

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I already have a set of rollcage wheels built up. If I don't get the Cult Match rim, I may get a Alienation Runaway rim if I don't get the Cult. I have a red front Ezra wheel that I am going to use. I want a red back rim to match, and either the Ezra ... more »

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Someone post up a picture of these dirt jumps. The kids just need a place to ride. If we show the jumps, maybe more people will go ride them from the near by towns. And maybe build some more. lol

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They are deffintley not Primo balance rims. They are shaped different, have different spoke spacing, and different weight. And the Primo balance rim is made from 7005, where the Cult rim is 6061. The match hub is the old Primo Mix, but the rims are far ... more »

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Hi I need a new rear rim and was thinking the Cult rim would be a good choice. Does any have any experince with them? I want to know the good the bad and the ugly about these rims.

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I run 60 psi in the street and 70 in the parks. I like lower psi, it just feels right.

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I have a Sunday 3rd wave I would sell. It is the one that is in my bike check. It is like new. Hit me up!