Dear FATBMX fan.
Back with another mailing. This time we've got some great news that the month of October 2006 has broken every record in the history of FATBMX. In October we built up a visitor base of 78.219 unique visitors who paid 168.516 visits to the FATBMX site. If you want to translate that into hits, it's 10.890.294 hits in Oct. '06. Over 10 million!
We're really stoked on this. It shows that we've got something to offer the BMX world and you want to come back for more because you know that there will be updates on a regular bases. You don't need to be a pro either to make it on FATBMX or live in sunny California to get an interview. We see BMX as a worldwide thing and your local event is as important to us as a big summer festival.
Our plans with FATBMX are to continue in the same way we have been running it. BMX needs a platform where riders can post their local jam info, where they can find places to ride, read some rider interviews, check contest results, hear how the industry is doing and watch some video clips. FATBMX offers that. We welcome worldwide contributions because we cannot be at 5 places at the same time. If it involves BMX, we want to hear about it.
FATBMX has been and will remain a free service too. You can pick your favorite articles to read and choose the video that you like to watch. No membership or password needed.  No crazy pop-up advertisements either because we know you hate those. We'd like to thank our sponsors for their support and understanding of the FATBMX concept.
Thanks to everyone who supports, visits and contributes to FATBMX. Without you all we would have never made it to over 10 million hits per month.
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