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Some parks won't let you in without a plastic sleeve on your peg so there's also that.

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Nah man I could custom build the same wheel for £30 less right now. Unless the complete is on sale it's likely a worse deal, lest custom wheels are thuper expensive over there.

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just file down the edge of the uniguard until it fits, besides the overguard is like 40 quid.

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They're just pegs boa put em on and slide into the night wooosh The diff between 4140 and 4150 is maybe .1% carbon, that's it, they've all basically the same properties. You can't tell which peg is better just from looking at the numbers. What matters ... more »

Added reply in a thread Can anyone else sit in their seat and flex their handlebars? Unsure if broken... 2/8/2017 9:59 AM

No, my bars do not flex, but they're straight gauge and thiccc af. It's normal for really light and tall bars to flex a little. Are these 4pc or 2pc bars? I would be wary of riding 4pc bars with that much flex in em cus those break like chopsticks if ... more »

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Depends on the rim on the clutch, iirc some ody complete wheels come with their pinned rim I forget the model. I suggest building a custom wheel on danscomp or whatever, usually you can get a better deal (price and durability) than the stock complete ... more »

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bsd donnachie tires, grippy as heck even on the ice rink of a concrete floor in our park. As for the Ceneca, I've never had a 65psi tire that didn't make me slip around like a stooge, so if grip is a concern I'd be wary unless you can get a verdict on ... more »

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This. It's almost impossible not to bitch crank at first while doing certain tricks with a cassette, manual 180 for example or full cabs. It's generally frowned upon by certain insecure individuals, whether you choose to learn how to do tricks without ... more »

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Is that the same excuse you use when jerking off in front of your sis while she's sleeping?

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Just own it mate.

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The real begin would only shill for fit and merritt. Also don't listen to this goon, 1020 steel (the rubbish on low end completes) is weaker than 4130 crmo, and because all the cheap completes with 1020 parts are also really light that means they compromise ... more »

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Yeah it's just a peg, if you're having trouble with spins out of grinds with 4.5" maybe try them? I just get whatever pegs are on sale, unless the core is some weak 6k alloy.

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top load with 50mm reach is my goto, front load is only for looks unless you're trying to make your ride feel like a road bike.

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The kink coaster is about as good as any other khe clone, mine's going strong so far. But unless you're on 4 pegs I'd probably lean more towards the sunday because the clutch is the most over hyped hub since the z-coaster.

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Ask G-sport George, reckon he was talking about the inner axle (which would be 14mm) and not the bolts, which is pretty misleading.

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3/8" female may be stronger than a solid 14mm male, but what about a hollow axle which is every decent hub these days? There must be a reason why everyone started making female cassettes with 17mm axle 14mm bolt. Wouldn't trust those tiny bits for a ... more »

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Anywhere from 24 to 30 pounds, parts can differ a lot in weight, especially tires these days.

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one month usually isn't enough to tell if a part is good or not, what's your experience with other coasters? If the bearings start blowing up in 2 months or it develops wobble would you still recommend it? That thread doesn't seem to be about the match ... more »

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The complete bike coasters generally aren't great, since a coaster is easier to break than a cassette I'd get the latter and buy a good freecoaster later.

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That's pretty crazy for a stock fork, I know some aftermarket bits that're like 30oz and they're probably butted, which is not the case on any stock parts I'm sure. You're probably right on the money, some completes are curiously light like the united ... more »