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You can't. LHD/RHD is even written on the hub, which would make no sense if you could convert it.

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Odyssey (forks, sprocket) Tall order (bars) ODI (grips) Total (Frame, stem, seat) Shadow (chain) Vocal (cranks) Colony (pedals) GSport (both rims) Profile (front hub) BSD (rear hub, pegs) Maxxis (tires) tl;dr mostly park rat brands

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I have short-term trick goals, and long-term trick goals (i.e. dream combos that I'm 90% sure I'll never land) Mostly working on barspin footjams, 360 whips, and oppo whips currently (and I feel like double whips is a reachable goal too)

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No, not every rider is trying to get their bike as light as possible. Almost no one runs titanium parts on their bikes, loads of people ride pegs, etc. But, yes, having a lighter bike simply makes tricks simpler, that's just a fact. If you want to do ... more »

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If people buy useless garbage like bar pads, surely some would buy semi-useless shit like crank sleeves

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Cute that you got your boyfriend filming

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I always cut my bars to 27" wide, and run ODI longnecks flangeless. I put my thumbs on the end of the grip; it's about a centimeter before the bend. I know a guy that has an asymmetric hand placement, it makes me wanna puke when I see him ride.

Added reply in a thread The “I got parts today” thread! 2/11/2021 6:20 AM

Received a new backwheel a few days ago: a BSD Revolution hub, laced to a GSport Ribcage rim. I've never ridden a freecoaster, and hated the slack when I tried it on other people's bikes. Rode this wheel for the first time this morning, and I have to ... more »

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Getting more and more confortable with tailwhip on quarters, still at baby heights but at least I'm no longer hesitant or dead-sailoring half the time. Tailwhips are hard as fuck to learn but they feel soooo satisfying. Voir cette publication ... more »

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I have a text file with a list of tracks I would love to use for an edit. I have like 15 different choices, but I'll probably never film an edit anyways

I listen to a lot of metal, but I don't think it fits BMX edits all that well usually. ... more »
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I remember an interview/video of Harry Main saying he was paid like 3000 £ per month when he was sponsored by Monster. At that time, Harry Main was one of the biggest names in BMX, and Monster was (and still is) one of the most active sponsors in extreme ... more »

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Well-deserved for him to get such a high-visibility sponsor. And Adidas actually makes shoes that are not overly expensive pieces of crap that rip off to shreds after 3 sessions like Vans. Top tens are well-paded, solid, and the grip is good.

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What I did with Hang-5 (and I would probably do the same to learn nose manuals) is to intentionally go over the bars multiple times in a row to learn the bail technique. Don"t even bother nose manualing a bit before bailing, just laucnh forward as hard ... more »

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I learned footjam whips before whips and honestly no, they don't really help. Jumping back on the pedals is completely different. In a footjam whip, you really push yourself off the tire and jump on the pedals. In a tailwhip you have to bring your bike ... more »

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I think the biggest difference between a park bike and a street bike is tire pressure. Geometry is mostly preference

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Bar footjam, bar vader, 360 whip

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Colony Fantastic plastic pedals

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Daniel Wedemeijer How is that surprising though? Brands don't have infinite money and contracts just run off. At least they won't have to pretend drinking this atrocious garbage anymore

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Stop riding mainly 6h sessions doing only tricks I'm confortable doing, and start riding mainly 2h sessions where I tryhard new tricks.

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Will you ever buy pads to learn barspins?