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My country is under mandatory quarantine since last week, which means I've only been able to ride on flat ground in my apartment's underground parking area. This forced me to work on a trick I never understood until now: manuals (thanks Coronavirus!) ... more »

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I would donate to e.g. Ryan Nyquist. Pushes the sport but isn't a complete suicidal moron. I wouldn't donate to turtle speed ledge and weed addicts like Brandon Begin.

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Not very surprising to hear about this, considering the way he rides. Not to be too unsensitive, but I don't see why I would donate or support a guy who, while obviously being passionate about BMX, is taking absolutely no safety precautions and always ... more »

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Cut my 29" bars to 27". I used to occasionally hit my knee during barspins (especially air barspins), never happened since I cut them.

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Never had my bars move even once.

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Better to take time to recover properly, suffer stupid comments from coworkers, and come back strong on the bike in a few months, than to fuck your shoulder up even more and stop riding bikes altogether. Good luck

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I ride the new Total Hangover 4 which has a slammed chainstay of 12.6". I’m not completely slammed, but close to it. Definitely easier to pull the front end for manuals (but I suck at manuals still), and a bit more comfortable for whips too.

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All 3 simultaneously? So a Twix crankflip then? Pretty sure this has never been done, since people that can Twix are few and far between, and they’re generally not the kinds of guys that like crankflips. But I’m sure if one of the pros that can Twix ... more »

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Great work!

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Should have let go of the bike. Wear gloves and always let go of the bike in those situations, less chance of injury.

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I just think of how little foot protection they give, seing how paper thin they seem to be. I can’t even imagine doing a tailwhip wearing those, my right foot would break when catching.

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"Vans" and "durable" in the same sentence

I got my only pair of Vans well broken in after 2 months, at which point they were already full of holes and the sole was already peeling off. Don’t buy Vans.
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I guess it had more to do with the fact that presta valves suck balls, rather than the tubes themselves. I think I’m gonna get a pair of tubolitos, I got some money to spare and I’d like to see if the difference is really that significant..

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Carving is not necessary for 180s and is actually a bad habit to have, because when you get better and need to do them quickly/coming at weird angles/out from a grind you can’t carve the way you’d want. OP, you need to go faster and start backpedalling, ... more »

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Tall Order and Total are 2 major brands for park riding nowadays. I also use parts from VocalBMX (the valentine cranks are great) and from Colony.

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Reviving this thread again… I landed my first can can vader footjam last saturday (some people call them splicejams apparently). Footjam variations were always at the top of my wish-list when I started riding BMX 2 and a half years ago, and that one ... more »

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I just sent 2 clips. Let met know if you received everything. The first clip has 2 tricks with an edited in short transition, hope this is fine because I don't have the original clips anymore.

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- Get comfortable with air tailwhips - Send backflips on real ramps, and not just airbags/resi Pretty much my 2 main objectives this year.

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Luc-e stalls on quarters are stupidly easy if you know how to double pegs stall. Dare I say they’re even easier, because with a double pegs you’re not supposed to have your pedal touch the deck, which helps immensely with balance. Just go at it as if ... more »

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Here’s mine: juliencumin I only post my BMX clips, no random bullshit. I hope you like watching vaders though, because I do those a lot…