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Doesn't every order still come with a receipt? Save those.

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They have very specific paint that you can apply and literally bake on. I think your average spray paint bubbles and turns to shit if too much heat is applied.

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Sick, man. I almost went up there to shred today but had some other things going on. It's the best place ever.

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Does anyone know if the Mechanik master pin shown on dan's will work with the KHE hollow half link chain? If you have this chain, you'll notice that the master pin looks exactly the same and even uses the same type of hollow mushroom pins. I checked ... more »

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Ride some indoor parks, man. Make the best of it and you've got summer to look forward to for some outside shredding.

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I went to the Flow in columbus with my dudes one time. We planned on leaving around noon since we had a 3 hour drive, but we didn't even leave close to that time. Ended up bullshitting until 5 pm and my one buddy was still sleeping when we picked him ... more »

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Yea, I figured you knew that your frame was beyonddd warranty material but just throwing it out there to inform some people that might think twice about ripping the paint off a new part. As far as colorway, you should totally go with the blue sunday ... more »

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Yea, BB height has nothing to do with spinning. The only thing that I can see it affecting is manualing.

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I've ridden a Deluxe frame with a fairly low BB height of 11.5". The frame I'm running now is 11.8" and it's really not that noticeable of a difference. 0.3"? The reasoning makes sense though. A lower BB creates a lower center of gravity and a more balanced ... more »

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I've heard that some companies won't warranty a part/frame if the paint was removed. I know odyssey is cool with it, but I'm not sure about others. To be honest with you, it makes no sense if they would void a warranty if the paint was taken off. Kinda ... more »

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Bigger dropouts? I'd say one of the best changes they made to frames over the years has been the small dropouts. Soooo clean. And you don't have anything to worry about if you're not going to run pegs too often.

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Mannn, those ramps look pretty sweet. I can't tell you how much I love riding sketchy ramps. It's super fun. As far as progress on our trails, it's still 40 degrees and raining in NE ohio. It's supposed to warm up in the 60s by this weekend, so hopefully ... more »

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I almost like the forks that come without the built in headset race. The one you tap on looks far cleaner and acts as a nice little dust cover too. The integrated race just makes it look like there's something missing.

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It'll feel alright, but I'd suggest putting more in if your tire's max psi rating goes beyond 60 psi. If the max rating is 110 psi or something around there, ~90psi feels great for me depending on the type of tire. On k-beads, I put more in.

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Signed. This place rocks and don't see it coming down any time soon.

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Man, can't wait to see more of this. That was a legitimate gap right there.

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Some pretty good stuff in here dude. Everyone seems to have bar spins dialed at that place...

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My buddy dislocated his shoulder about a year ago and recently dislocated it without even trying. You'd think a year would be plenty of time for that thing to heal.

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Hahaha, the sketchiest brake system for a rim that isn't even meant to run brakes even if they did have pads. Dang...I don't think they could've got any worse with this.

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Man, I love going really fast at a picnic table and doing a nice 180 off. When you get super comfortable, set up just one of those tables and go twice as fast. It's a cool feeling. As far as street goes around my town, that's all I've got. I sure as ... more »