Added reply in a thread What is the most difficult trick? 5/9/2022 6:20 AM

Hop whips are shit to learn haha. I still hate doing them and even after having them consistent off and on.

Added reply in a thread Credals. Hear me out… 5/2/2022 1:33 PM

They're the 140mm cult cranks. I know profile makes a 145 and fit makes a 150 also.

Added reply in a thread Why did Odyssey end the Keychain? 4/28/2022 4:29 PM

Pretty sure a lot of people were breaking them. It was mad overhyped tbh. I wanted one because my chainbreaker always broke.

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10mm 14mm is massive in comparison.

Added reply in a thread Credals. Hear me out… 4/28/2022 12:33 PM

I don't ride park so I couldn't hop like that lol. But I will say the majority of crank arms are stupid long. I ride 140mm cranks and while the bike is a bit slower and harder to pedal riding even 160mm feels like my feet are nowhere close to each other. ... more »

Added reply in a thread How much would you sell my Sunday forecaster for? Please specify your price in CAD or USD 4/25/2022 12:37 PM

I'd say 300-350 at the most. Complete bikes don't go for much and it's pretty outdated by todays standards. I could see it going for more if it was one of the rare limited sunday/odyssey colorways and in mint condition but bmx parts especially from 2004-present ... more »

Added reply in a thread Bars / Stem Combos? 4/25/2022 12:30 PM

That's going to be ridiculously low. I used to ride 8s on a frontload for years but I can't imagine riding that now. It makes the front end a lot harder to lift and feels like im leaning all the way over the bars. Feels nice for nose manuals though lol. ... more »

Added reply in a thread CATCHING TAILWHIPS 4/15/2022 8:27 AM

I've caught a few of them over hips. I just kind of put all my weight on the front foot and whip it faster. As for hop whips it's pretty hard to catch lol. Never done one flyout so idk there.

Added reply in a thread BMX is dying... 4/14/2022 1:38 PM

It doesn't help that we have shitty 7 month long winters and don't get consistent good weather until May lol. But same here. Most everyone has quit. I ride solo usually doing flatground lines and shit. Skateboarding seems to keep people more than bmx ... more »

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Yeah the eclat rim with the odyssey v3 hub is better I'd say.

Added reply in a thread Frame identification Help 4/13/2022 6:26 AM

Yeah not an s&m for sure. It does look like a 21.5 though, most likely a trails frame since the mounts are welded.

Added reply in a thread Hello i need some advice 4/13/2022 6:23 AM

I'd pass on it. Hub looks mad outdated and lower end. The rim is also probably close to 10 years old since they haven't used those stickers since at least like 2011.

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Super nice.

Added reply in a thread lightest pc peg 4/4/2022 11:10 AM

The Premium ones are pretty light and come in packs of 2.

Added reply in a thread Help with sprocket sizes. 4/4/2022 11:10 AM

Eclat and Federal have some with the detachable guard. Both brands make 24mm so I'd assume all their sprockets are 24mm.

Added reply in a thread Adidas bmx team? 4/4/2022 11:08 AM

Adidas has been in and out of bmx for years. Since the early 2000s. Their shoes look pretty good I've rode in some and might cop a new pair when I need riding shoes.

Added reply in a thread Swampfest comments... 4/4/2022 11:07 AM

It for sure isn't my scene. I'd be mad irritated. Probably smells like shit there too.

Added reply in a thread Measure your chainstay! 3/28/2022 12:52 PM

Mine is 13.75 slammed but I have a half link with 25/9 so it's probably sitting at around 13.9 or something idk there's some space to pull the wheel for sure. I always rode a short back end but it made hops too easy and twitchy. The only thing I think ... more »

Added reply in a thread What would you change on modern BMX bikes? 3/28/2022 12:46 PM

Shorter cranks. With modern riding I'd like to see some 150-155mm cranks available on the market. Especially with back ends getting shorter, I don't really see any benefits to 170 or 175 (unless you ride trails) but yet there's tons of those made. No ... more »

Added reply in a thread WTP Helix freecoaster Wobble 3/25/2022 9:59 AM

Idk my Primo coaster wobbles a bit side to side, so did my tree hubs. I've tried tightening shit. Good luck