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Reply to Progression group 9/21/2018 1:49 PM

Reminds me of the legendary Skype crew Good idea boyzz

Reply to Anyone here taken a break. 9/21/2018 1:42 PM

Yeah I took a year break this last year and it sucked coming back. I was able to relearn everything except hop whips

Reply to BMX Poseurs? 9/19/2018 6:18 PM

Yeah it's like 50/50 tbh they're either a park shredder doing 3 whips and double whips and footjam combos or kids who just like it cause it's expensive and shiny. Or just like how loud that damn cassette is lol

Reply to Subrosa villicus prime V2 complete-mostly shadow & animal parts 9/19/2018 6:15 PM

Wheels come with guards?

Reply to BMX Poseurs? 9/19/2018 4:53 PM

Haha I had a wizard also not the oil slick one and ti spokes and oil slick gyro, elite and shit too. It just seems that's what mostly posers are into

Reply to BMX Poseurs? 9/19/2018 3:11 PM

Look for the oil slick, profile elites, titanium spokes and lots of shiny parts. Oh and the LZ merch or OSS attire

Reply to SOLD 9/19/2018 10:33 AM

Price on bars, stem and tires?

Reply to Odyssey Sweepstakes Bars 9/18/2018 3:23 PM

Narrow bars are the best I cut mine down to 25.5 lol

Reply to Who likes to keep their bike dialed? 9/18/2018 2:46 PM

I like my chain looser right now for crankflips and my spokes and wheels creak haha. But my headset has to be tight and spin good.

Reply to Anyone ride street on a tall order frame? 9/18/2018 2:39 PM

I rode street on mine a little it's alright for everything I got a white 20.4 if you're interested lol

Reply to Tailwhip bruises? 9/17/2018 8:51 PM

That's why I quit doing whips. Even landing them on cranks hurts my knees and feet

Reply to Thickest Grips? 9/17/2018 3:06 PM

Get ethic dtc scooter grips soft and the thickest grips I've seen.

Reply to Grind box question 9/16/2018 3:53 PM

The one at the park is like 20 inches or so I hate riding it lol

Reply to Grind box question 9/16/2018 3:32 PM

A smaller ledge will be better to learn tech grinds and combos

Reply to how often do you guys go through frames 9/16/2018 11:58 AM

I cracked an: S&m laf Fly tierra Sunday 2nd wave My friend broke my old fly pantera 5 doing a 180 after we traded

Reply to Ruben 9/14/2018 6:46 PM

I feel that it seems like my flat 3s are better with the more mellow ht. Something with the carve or pop. Maybe I'll have to look into a ruben or mutiny pmr. My 75.5 ht with the low bb is not enjoyable Haha. Awesome bike though as usual.

Reply to BMX Poseurs? 9/13/2018 10:48 AM

My dude beat me to it haha

Reply to Ruben 9/12/2018 6:59 PM

Looks nice dude. I want a 20.75 ruben kinda but idk about the 74 ht for street haha

Reply to pros and cons of bigger bars 9"+ 9/12/2018 2:30 PM

I don't own a midget. Can you whip tho?

Reply to No more Rodeopeanut 9/11/2018 6:31 PM

If you guys want to laugh at something bmx related watch some "bmx vlogs/webisodes" where they tell you to buy their merch