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Reply to Cult os frame 7/2/2011 9:53 PM

Yeah, the orange one.

Reply to Opinions? 7/2/2011 6:09 PM

No idea man I'm not good with prices maybe for 50 each i have no clue or trade somebody.

Reply to Skinny jeans 7/2/2011 5:53 PM

The Lizard King jeans look legit, i wanted to try a pair but they're kind of expensive.

Reply to Skinny jeans 7/2/2011 5:50 PM

Yeah that's kinda why i like them they have small leg openings, but i sag them anyways so they aren't as tight but i kinda like them that tight =]. Yeah the CCS ones are nice.

Reply to Opinions? 7/2/2011 5:48 PM

Go for it! it looks good, for sure your best option so far. New wheels and bars and it's good to go.

Reply to Grippiest Plastic pedals? 7/2/2011 5:10 PM

I have DK pc's they're pretty nice.

Reply to What cranks?? 7/2/2011 5:01 PM

I had Profiles and like them, I have stock DK cranks now

they work (bought em for 10 w/ pedals).
Reply to Opinions? 7/2/2011 5:00 PM

Yeah those bars are 7.28 rise and i haven't heard good things about the freecoaster. So are you getting the Mutiny?

Reply to Skinny jeans 7/2/2011 4:56 PM

Social Collision at hottopic stretch really good and are still tight.

Reply to Worth It? 7/2/2011 4:18 PM

No get the mutiny.

Reply to Opinions? 7/2/2011 4:02 PM

Better than the race one, But yeah this ones pretty good, nice parts and frame, I've heard bad things about the animal rims though and those bars are kinda small but if that's what you like then pick it up!

Reply to Odyssey Hazard Lite, Primo Balance, or Demolition Zero Rim? 7/2/2011 11:35 AM

.......... I got the Odyssey's they're ok.

Reply to Should i get these? 7/2/2011 10:57 AM

Thanks guys. Anyone else?

Reply to need tips 7/2/2011 10:30 AM

I'd get the premium guttershark or the eastern.

Reply to Worth It? 7/2/2011 10:15 AM

Umm, the frame is a race frame.... I doubt it's that strong it's made from 100% Aluminum.. Euro BB.. I know you can get a new sprocket and driver, I'm pretty sure the frame is a DK Octane frame.

Reply to Would This Work? 7/2/2011 10:06 AM

No.. i posted in your other thread too, but fuck it I'll post here too, That's a race frame more than likely not the best for street or park. The rims are pretty good, i have the hubs and like them but you should just be patient and wait for a good freestyle ... more »

Reply to Worth It? 7/2/2011 10:00 AM

No.. The first one was okay but you do realize this is most likely a race bike? If you race maybe but if not why would you buy a race bike to do street/park or whatever you ride?

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Reply to Should i get these? 7/1/2011 9:22 PM

LOL that's pretty legit.