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A 0.5° steeper angle is like a 2-3 mm shorter fork offset.

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Ride this, upside down with elevenz bars, ultimate swag !

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I have a BSD fat seat which is just a standard fat seat, but I sat on a shadow mid/fat seat on a friend bike and even with less foam the shape is just so good so it's more comfy than mine. I just checked that tree seat, it looks perfect, the shadows ... more »

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I'm not gonna edit the video but i'm pretty sure it's no, if a lot of members send like 5 quality clips each, the video will be so damn good, but having shaky pov shots in the middle of it could kind of ruin it, because as good as these pov shots can ... more »

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The less editing, the better to edit it again but having multiple tripod shots is good to show rider progression trough the spot, as long as the cuts are sraight and not shitty long crossfades who makes it impossible to re-edit clean.

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Easy, take a freecoaster hub apart, and stack as a many slack washers as you can so there's no slack and that's basically the silent cassette you are looking for.

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All these forks will handle street riding, bonus point for odyssey with the 41 thermal stuff. But on your list you have 3 different offset forks, a 22, a 25 and a 28mm this is something that matters. To make it quick the shorter offset is good for quick ... more »

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Lol about the turned off comments, mafia are litterally killing themselves even faster now the mask has fallen.

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Hmm.. If you are not satisfied with vans I don't really know what would suit you. Etnies are cool the first month and then they fall apart way too quickly. Shoes with a thick sole, seem to be what you are looking for, but the waffle sole on vans provide ... more »

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There's a difference between taking a little chunk of someone else content to add value to your own and using 100% of someone else content and use it like it's your own. I never liked harry main and his whole rocker bikes shit, and how he spends 5 out ... more »

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I thinked about buying these tiny pegs once, but instead I tried stacking 3 or 4 washers on my back axle but while doing feebles I was grinding the frame anyway so it was useless. It's good for the front tho, it saved me a few 180 backward peg(less) ... more »

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Super good idea, I got some cool clips underhand but I'd like to film new stuffs so is there a limit date to send clips ?

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Hell yeah ! I tought avout doing that forever and never did it for some reason. And this challenge is for everyone, you just have to switch sprocket side and put the wheel the wrong way. I watched the video it looks really hard, probably more managable

... more »
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Yeah technique is more important but being strong help a lot to master the bike with more ease and so, ride better and longer. And when you end up crashing it's always nice to not being made out of paper.

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Try to get your bar crossbar inline with your pegs (instead of trying to get your stem inline with the tyre like most people do, it's much more precise).

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I will definatly buy a 1" bar/stem combo when I'll have some money, I broke 5 bars, all of them at the clamping area. In a few years it will be more common.

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Yeah big tyres will be nice for you, go for 2.25" or 2.4" tyres, both size will give you the cushion benefits of big tyres, then it's up to personnal preference. Tyre size changes the handling and overall bike feeling, weight, drag during grinds, manuals, ... more »

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I hate when my bike looks like brand new.

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180's, 360's, half cabs, barspins... pretty much any trick you are confident with and already know how to do on flat ground.

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Your best option is the odyssey F25, not cheap but so strong it has lifetime warranty, the best if you are commited to front brakes.