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Not high enough.

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Wow, what !? That's crazy expensive I didn't even knew someting like that existed, but it seems pointless, unless of course if you're super rich ! Seriously, I just bought the opposite, actual bmx tubes, thick, heavy and fitted for fat tyres, not just ... more »

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Secretly, you love them, you are like... Trey Jones.

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It is way stiffer, the wheel takes the sideways impacts much better, so the spokes stays tight, so the wheel keep going straight for much longer. I never rode any of these rims, but I can tell you that from riding a bsd nasa which is basically a copy ... more »

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In that case, you just asked alot to your body, especially "trying" 360's all day, so your motions might not be the best, maybe you over done the neck motion while the shoulders or legs or whatever weren't following, so it was harder for you neck. When ... more »

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A shorter stem on a trails bike doesn't seem to fit, it makes the handling way twitchier, keep it 50mm or more. And as you hesitate for the size, just for the info, I'm 6'1 and I ride a 21.25" for everything, with short 13.25 chainstays to keep the bike ... more »

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I like apple earphones or copies of them, (because they are so damn expensive for what they are), I like these because the shape is good so they hold up to riding and don't fall off at the first 360.. I hate in-ear earphones because they isolate you ... more »

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As much as I love doing fast feebles on rough ledges with steel and sparkles plastics allow me to actually slide on backward grinds and doing toothpicks on stuffs I couldn't otherwise, also heps for smiths and spinning off grinds. Sometimes I ride steel ... more »

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Check this I'm pretty sure it would work on a bigger quarter, this is nuts tho...

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Go for a coaster but keep you cassette wheel just in case. A freecoaster is really fun but it takes a few weeks to get used to it ( just don't ride it one day, say "I hate it, it feels weird, I can't fakie anymore" and never ride it again).

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pfff... you pussy

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The real question is.. why ?

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I had the same problem for a while a long time ago, I had a my switch footed half cabbing technique that worked ptetty good but when going fast or after a gap my feet were just lost and the halfcab fails, I also felt stupid when I tried some fullcabs... ... more »

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The best is to get a small headset cap (bsd, odyssey...) and play with spacers, and yes you can put spacers above the stem.

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BSD donnasqueaks 2.25"

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You want to build a kicker out of snow... and ride it on a bike...

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When I ride a brake, I put the lever on the right side, I just can't do brake tricks with my weak left fingers. But for barspins, I throw them right hand and having a lever on the right side is a problem because my left hand catches the grip clean but ... more »

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The problem is there is just enough 14mm axle to get into the frame dropout, so if the guard takes half of it... you see the problem, other than that yeah the gsport uniguard is a great option.

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Any unviversal one that just slide over the cone (assuming you got a male axle) if you have a female axle, you're fucked (well, you'll need the official 30 bicks one that replace the cone).