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they look sick!!!!....... buttttt my friend has them and we have a shitty park that always has little peddbles and dust/dirt on it and hes always slipping out and eating shit, don't get them if your riding park or trails, they look like an alright street ... more »

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Deco makes some nice frames for street and obviously federal Churchill will do you good

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I ride mostly park and some street and need new petals, I was thinking about alloy petals but im not sure if I get allot they will be the éclat surge, sealed bearings, or the odyssey trailmix alloy petals, or if I get plastic it will just be odyssey ... more »

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S&M ATF Frame

sick frame!


Jakegriffin20 left a comment 3/21/2015 9:22 AM


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omg do you still have this?!?!!?

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just curious, is that a bar end in your forks? if so why did you put it their?

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yeah im thinking more on the fiend embryo I heard it dents really easly and a whole bunch of other bad stuff but ive heard some good stuff to, I might just take a chance

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i need a new frame and do street and park. heres what im looking at 1 fiend embryo 2 chad kerley signature 3 kink sxtn signature that's the order I like them but yeah give me your opinions or any other frame suggestions thanks

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same I love animal but starting to see less and less of their parts hope they don't go out, I have animal stem bar ends and tires, animal glh tires are the best I think that's what they are called ahah

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look on craigslist, find a nice bike and talk him/ her down, or just buy a cheaper complete but make sure it has sealed wheels and inagrated headset and mid or Spanish bottom brachet, you will regret getting unsealed bearings trust me they always come ... more »

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34 pounds is heavy for me, im small hahah my bike I around 24lb and when I bought it it was 26ish I think, I probably couldn't do much on your bike but if your strong then its all good

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60% park 40% street. my park sucks and no street spots unless you can grind rails (which I cant) so ya anything I can ride ill usually ride it, I like some flat land to

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i do street and park and need new tires, I want a tire that squeaks (idk why I just like it hahah) not a slick tire like cult dehart and something pretty light and fat preferably a 2.30 or close. does anyone know a tire that is good for me? thanks in ... more »

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Thanks a ton!!

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does anyone know the dew tour schedule for 2015? I want to go to one and watch but I cant find when and where they will be for 2015

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I have a 20''25 top tube now........ I WANT to get a 20''50, im getting something bigger im mad short dude haha and thanks

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are maxxis grifters good for street tho? I know they are good at the park

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do you know if they were the folding tire or normal? I heard the folding ones the bead like rips easy?

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for sure I have the animal bar ends they kick ass!! ive had them for so long the only thing that happens is the get chipped from the bike being dropped buy I think it looks better. I don't think they have them on dans anymore tho