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New thread superrrr random topic about tri flow 8/10/2016 5:04 PM

so me and my friends were in my room working on bikes and I was putting my brakes back on and I put some tri flow in the cables to make it smooth (like always) and one of my friends asked what smelled like bananas lol anyways I 3was working on my bike ... more »

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New thread brakes! 6/21/2016 12:19 PM

looking for a pair of brake arms that have the lease flex to them let me know if you know any, also are the fly manuel brake pads good? looking for maximum stopping power

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New thread profile elite question help 6/8/2016 9:39 AM

ive decided to get a set of elite hubs in blue but id like to get LHD, why cant i find them? or where can i find them?

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Reply to Hub Guards / Spokes 5/24/2016 9:07 AM

I have primo spokes, they are pretty strong in my mind, I would get they. I also usto have the daily grind infinity NDS guard to, super protective but pretty heavy if your worried about weight.

Reply to Fisheyes: The Low Down 5/24/2016 9:00 AM

okay m8

Reply to light rims! 5/24/2016 7:06 AM

yeah im savung up for maxxis grifters, but I want lighter rims to haha

Reply to light rims! 5/24/2016 7:02 AM

how are the envy rims? will they bend or come un true easily?

Reply to Fisheyes: The Low Down 5/23/2016 11:35 AM

i recently bought a rokinon fisheye for my canon. love it. check them out on amazon

New thread light rims! 5/23/2016 11:29 AM

i have odyssey hazard lite rims. they are super strong but alitttle to heavy for me and id like to get something lighter. im around 120lb, and 16 years old. I was looking at sun envy rims but I don't know anyone who has them. in your opinion whats the ... more »

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Reply to profile elite opinions 5/20/2016 7:15 AM

yes they are superr loud haha i met this guy and he had one with the old style pawls and it wasnt as loud but the new style pawls are crazy loud, idk what im going to do yet. they are really expencive to.....

New thread profile elite opinions 5/19/2016 10:25 AM

i ride mainly park, some street, and id like to start building trails this summer. im due for some new hubs soon. i ride 2 pegs 25% of the time im pegless 75% of the time. i is this a good idea for me to buy profile elite front and back 3/8? id probably ... more »

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Reply to What are the things you are picky about on your bike ? 12/11/2015 7:10 AM

exactly how I am lmao I bet your bike is really dialed.

Reply to What are the things you are picky about on your bike ? 12/11/2015 7:08 AM

brakes have to be really dialed or else ill take them off I hate brakes that don't work good, ummmm tires have to be on same way grips have to be put on the right way, matching rim strips and I tight chain I hate it when it slaps around. I literally ... more »

Reply to Bar width 12/11/2015 7:02 AM

my bars were 28.5 and I measured a half inch off both sides and then used a pipe cutter then used some sand paper to smooth it out so its not so sharp. my bars are 27.5 now it really took some getting usto but I love it now I hated it at first haha I ... more »

Reply to Best Freecoaster Hub 5/28/2015 11:12 AM

demolition. end of story.

Reply to Rich white children and bmx. 5/28/2015 11:08 AM

im white not rich but I buy all my shit my self and im 15 and I have a fully custom bike get a job. you sound butt hurt.

Reply to Petals? 5/13/2015 11:07 AM

I do freestyle man not racing I said either the éclat surge or the odyssey trail mix or the odyssey twisted

Reply to Petals? 5/13/2015 10:58 AM

this is for bmx not mtb...

Reply to Petals? 5/13/2015 10:58 AM

no. just no.

Reply to Petals? 5/13/2015 10:56 AM

*twisted *bsd