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I was wondering what this was this post is like 5 years old lol

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Snapped my masterlink, Im picky and want a black one. There like 3 bucks on danscomp but 8 bucks to ship fuck that if you got one hit me up!

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how much cash would you want for it?

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text me @ 630-946-3643

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I would of bought that 4s for your asking price too lol!

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Funky Chicken

bro text me at 630-946-3643 I want that phone lol

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text me @ 630-946-3643 i want to ask you about that iphone

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very cool dude, and very honest about what hes selling. I bought some parts from him a long time back? cant remember anymore

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lol 305, didnt know you were sprint......Ill buy it but id need it at 200, since they only sell for like 275 at my shop.

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IDGAF im not 16. Paypal verified is Paypal verified. Meaning when he trys to scam me, and closes his paypal account. Paypal will just take it out of his bank, ( if he's smart he'll close his bank account.) but either way ill get my money back...Ill give ... more »

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Damn, quit hatin on this kid because everyone is getting scammed. Anyways man if you would take cash text me at 815-212-9962

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looks like my kinda phone haha! anyways I have a few questions so text me when ou get the chance at 815-212-9962

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Ill buy your broken iphone....that is if you had an iphone lol, im just assuming

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I wouldnt send anything to that dude yet, did he use paypal to send the money? I would file those 2 complaints and threaten to hold that cash and even call paypal.,,,, because i feel like he then sort-en even thing out.

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you got an extra cable and level by any chance?

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lowest on the fuel cells? the motogp pair got the paperwork? I like them but not for the price.

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What do you need text me 815-212-9962. I have everything you can imagine haha

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Got the original paper work and recipt? If you dont there as good as fake.

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Id advise cl or scrap it. Not to be a dick but in HI You got alot for scraping roughly 30 lb of metal. DONT sell it on here. I advise you to go back a couple of pages....Theres a guy selling a complete aftermarket bike with alot of nice parts, even some ... more »

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text me 815-212-9962 im interested in all of it.