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Might get a couple pov clips today if time works in my favor today

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I'm in for sure. This time it'll be good and not crappy rushed clips from the same day.

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Elephant pinkie squeak to cliffhanger

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Tbh the "street" tire they offer isn't that bad. I ran one for like 6 months and it held up pretty nicely.

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2.25 fafs

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Did a little DIY seat thing with the cover and padding from my old seat put on my colony slim seat. Now I just gotta clean it up a little.

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Update: everything is getting better except my wrist doesn't seem to want to get any better (sprained it in that crash I guess). Sucks because they finally re opened the dirt track like a week later.

Shit happens I guess lol.
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Maybe time2shine will have a couple

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How much do y'all want to bet that in a couple years basically all of John Hicks' subscribers will have one of his bikes with how much he gives away

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