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Reply to who else rides mountain bikes 7/23/2011 8:12 PM

i never said they sucked but they are so pricey. just the frame sets are over 2 grand for me and i work at a bike shop. you can get way better for the price. they just think they are amazing because they have the atherton crew riding for them

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lex we've been over this. You dont own a bike or ride bmx so you can not get on vital. no exceptions.

Reply to Do you like grinding? 7/22/2011 7:27 PM

jizzed my pants on this one. he kills it at grinding

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You cant even 180 so your opinion is invalid when it comes to judging other peoples riding skill. And yes ordering off dans does make you a noob because they are an evil corporation that doesn't care about you or any bmxers because they secretly ride ... more »

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lbs ftw

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for those of you that dont know alot of dirtbikers use roadbiking to train for motocross because it keeps you in shape. riding trails isnt going to keep you in shape like roadbiking. and what kinda road bike are you gonna get?

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are u rly gay

Reply to Do we have any Gay riders on here? 7/21/2011 6:20 PM

hating men who wear thongs that ride up their back and openly talking about fisting themselfs isnt being ignorant, i dont hate gays. just creepy people like the ones i described, because there are people like that at my school

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stolen team cranks all the way. ive had them and profiles and i love teams so much more

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already beat it and got modded guns

best game ever, cant wait for new updates
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all the gays at my school are super flamer kinda guys so im not cool with it.

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isnt it kinda weird rooming with a gay guy? :B

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nah i think they used to have one like a long time ago.

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haha i tried this at ten oclock at night a few days ago and alsmost strangled myself haha

it was so bad
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no seriously go check the prices yourself and stop being so lazy.

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i saw it in theaters twice. And crapped my pants both times. I love watching horror movies and usually never get scared of them, but this one is actually really scary.

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YEESS halfcabs are the best! But if you have an outlet mall near you go to the vans store in it, they have way better deals on halfcabs. I got four pairs of halfcabs and four pairs of socks at the vans store fore $90

Reply to ANOTHER COMPLETE THREAD! 7/15/2011 8:29 PM

but the bike isnt full cromo. with the stolen you get full cromo and sealed.

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my rant is people hate on brands for no reason. If someones says should i get and eastern?? people flip shit. same with haro, redline, stolen ect. Lets actually start looking at the bikes people are asking about and not just the brand before we start ... more »