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we the peoples for that price dont even come with full cromo frames? why would you get that? And what your saying is that because your friend had a 2010 stolen and it was crappy that this bike is automatically crappy? Great justification. Ive actually ... more »

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And no one really knows if the amber completes are good yet, just because they have aton of after market parts doesnt mean they are good bikes.

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yea get the stolen its all cromo, has double wall rims, has a sealed bb, has a sealed front hub and semi sealed back hub.Its a great starting bike and a great price. Dont listen to that verde guy, if its not verde he doesnt like it.

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the sunday am bikes are hi ten so that made no sense.

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maybe you should check again?

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I work at a bike shop and have sold tons of haros. They don't suck, ill admit the geo does feel a little weird but they do make good bikes. But if you buy a cheap one its gonna be a piece of shit, but that's the same with all bike company's. People who ... more »

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sweet. theres actually a ton of people that ride to lonestar now and they are pretty good. most of them live in cypress mills tho

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Take it is then :D i was leaning toward it anyways. its so clean looking. Especially the chameleon colored one

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thats cute

you like my moms mini van? and when are you getting a new bike
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No i need something that i can order through my bike shop. not a custom

New thread FRAMEEEEE 7/14/2011 4:13 PM

Right now i have an original the take ivy frame (previously owned by hanson little) and i love it but its a 21 TT and i want a 20.5 TT really bad, so my question is which new frame should i get sunday funday? or the take ivy 5 frame? Price isnt a factor ... more »

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yeah thats a great deal, no offence or anything but the avid bb5 sucks, its not even hydraulic and the mavic rim is just decent so your getting a killer deal.

Reply to cult salvation and ezra cranks? 7/12/2011 8:31 PM

stolen teams. i have had two pairs and now i run profiles and i hate them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teams for life

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one of my bosses old racing buddies (boss used to be a pro) won one stage last monday haha it was pretty legit

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if im wearing board shorts i do. and i always wear board shorts

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wow thats sick. that rider kills it

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Are you turning them the right way? you always have to turn the pedal the opposite way of the front of the bike when taking off pedals because the left crank arm and pedal are threaded the opposite way.. Just in case you didn't know. Also buy a pedal ... more »

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yeah well hes sponsored by cult so you would kinda figure he would have a nice bike

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same with mine at first but all of them have catalogs you can look through if you ask. Then after you buy something they start giving you good deals. Also local bike shops arent overpriced. Online shops just get way better deals then local bike shops ... more »