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thats what i was thinking too. just lookin for a second opinion

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Parents might let me set up a small park in my garage. I found these ramps for sale on craigs? do you thinks its worth it spend all this money on small ramps?? OR this one?

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How bout you support your local bike shop and not some corporation who could care less about one kid. local bike shops rule, and if you have to spend ten dollars more on a frame or something it will pay off in the long run. Trust Me.

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park tools or pedros

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narrow minded piece of shit

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fuck yeah dood burn bans ftw!!

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bump. biggest thread on vital that i know of lol

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this. fat skanks suck

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Haha I'm always get fucking pissed off , mostly when I'm at work because the bmx kids act like they work at the store, expect free labor, get mad when their 285 dollar bike that they bought from us breaks and they try to sell bikes to customers.They ... more »

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no commencals are waaay over priced.

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your calling him a narrow minded fuck? in another thread you were making fun of someones religon and saying there is no god. If atheism isn't narrow minded i don't know what is. Btw im agnostic

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don't worry about getting hit because it wont hurt when the adrenaline kicks in. Swing hard and if your bigger than him use your arm length as an advantage.

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they look just like the odyssey thumtacks without the awkward bumps on the side

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fuck you, he rides dirt jump bikes. Its pretty much the same as bmx.

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i ride dirt jump bikes. i have a custom ns suburban build

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pretty pointless. you get the same gearing as 25/9. I just think its to easy to pedal. I run 30/9

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i haz de take frame and it is jizz.

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its a really shitty bike/ there are alot of them at the bike shop i work at. If your price range is really around 400 then get something better

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well most of the riders that come in arent "real" riders