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Stretching, strength building of the core, warm up, hot showers. I am a personal trainer and that’s just the short list of things I have told people to do. A foam roller is also a great idea. Most times you get back pain is either 1 a pulled muscle or ... more »

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ODI all day

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Your doing it right. I would suggest a higher hop and a better carve. The more level you have the bike the easier it seems to me. So, have your hops dialed.

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I have seen some Odyssey, Profile and similar decked out bikes on Craigslist for around 90-200. Most only need a seat, tires, grips. True, most are probably stolen but they can be found. So, for this to work you have to go on blind faith

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Odyssey or Sunday... you can also check S&M and Standard.

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You can try it. But, unlike say S&M Haro is hugely mass produced and they are very unlikely to cover much. I have heard guys breaking the high end stuff and not getting any help from Haro.

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Very true but just a tip for anyone. You can replace almost every bolt at the hardware store just be SURE you get grade 8 or 9. Most companies don’t use grade 9 except I know GSport was and I would think Odyssey might be. Either way you will be safe ... more »

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No it was pretty easy. Good old Primo Stoogie peg there

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In 30+ years riding I have NEVER seen so much crap. Mafia is a quality product. I have seen them abused in person and seen Harry and Ola beat them to hell. Note it was a slip of the bars and not a broken frame or fork. If you don’t like it don’t ride ... more »

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Most are on single year deals. It is really rare for riders to sign multiple year deals. You just don’t hear about them renewing deals, only if they transfer to another company.

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To name a few things. Things like butting and tapering come into play with forks. Also, steerer tube length (which can be cut) is a factor. While not 100% connected frame head tube plays into it also. Still a good post, but still not conclusive.

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19mm on the cranks right? Too lazy to look. Also, any trades? I have a ton of stuff to sell but have not had time to get pictures

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And you can get pins at a hardware store if you don’t have enough or want a different size. Just take the pedal in and match it up. I have done it so much

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If it wasn’t lhd I would buy it. I don’t remember if you can flip it. Then again I have been told even after 30 years riding seeing I am goofy footed I probably would be better off with lhd. Message me on instagram I might just buy it @m_davis7583

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I got a warranty card and Sunday said it’s covered

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It’s a back stock item so they hook you up. I have waited for stuff to stop being sold and then contacted the company to get a lower price. I only paid $130 for my original Shadow Raptor hubs (front and rear) this way. It’s hit or miss some brands will ... more »

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Cranks and BB? Still have them

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I ran one for awhile the Raptor cassette never let me down. I still love Profile more, but this is a great wheel for ANYONE

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At first I didn’t but it grew on me. Almost have painted it twice. But now I have chrome bars and a metallic blue Sunday Freeze stem on it. So... that reminds me I need to get a new picture of it up. I will sell it or maybe part it.