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Scotty have you opened the box of shirts I sent to you, Redfire ,Trey & Richard?

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The day I got to ride with Wilkerwhip and the OG Haro crew on Ron's 50th birthday.

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When I was 13 this is what I rode, 1977 Greco MX1000. Never mind Sean Burns and Albie Bennett.
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I'm 51 and can tell you that a 22" BMX fits correctly over a 20". I ride bowls/vert and park my 22" A.T.F has made my life on a bike perfect. Riding a 20" is a bit like a Monkey F'ing a football, it's just to small. The 22" is faster more stable and ... more »

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Todd's A.T.F. 22"
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Evil Knievel I just knew I could do what he did on wide world of sports. So I got the jumpsuit the helmet and a Graco MX1000 and set off to rule the neighborhood. It was 1977 and I was 12. My pit jump was 8 foot across ramp to ramp and I had already ... more »

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51 Year Old dad keeps it RAD up Ramp to 180 stall to huck of a lifetime. The Lumberyard PORTLAND Oregon air bag fun.

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I'll tell you at 51 with no knees a 22" just makes life easier. I was on a 22"/20"front/rear in 1977 as a

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Had a great ride with your uncle David yesterday. Hope to ride with you soon Ben!

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Joe Rich, Ruben, T-1 are all rad and I look up to all of them. I ride for Diamondback, they are rad as well and gave me the amazing chance to design whatever I wanted. I wanted simple, straight forward and strong. Hate it or love it, It's a perfect and affordable...more

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    Diamondback Night Seeker

I'm 47 and have ridden this frame. Boosted my confidence level and felt great. Very responsive my friend is lucky to own this bike I hope to build one soon. Profile pic is me jumping a night seeker!

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