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I hate it when my bike turns into a horse.

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That is a steep headtube.

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Depends if you're sloppy at grinding.

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Why are you getting big bars? Also, Odyssey Lumberjack.

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Of course.

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Yeah, I freaking loved those things when I couldn't ride.

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Adam LZ is a retard. Have you ever seen his videos when he breaks stuff. He whines like a baby.

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I just crashed a snowmobile going 60 right into a tree. Lucky to be alive right now.

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breakless dirt setup

This is a pretty sweet rig. I'd get odyssey thunderbolt cranks and a S&M Challenger or a Profile Racing Push stem.

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breakless dirt setup
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Atleast I wasn't dumb enough to buy a mirraco.

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Through some BOX Maximus bars on this stem and you're rockin'!

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I thought you had a sputnic skyline frame?

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I've seen so many kids break premium parts.

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Use a homemade bearing press.

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Fly lago v2
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Fit Hawk v1
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Specialized P.1