So I finally got something done at the sink hole for once and the rain went and blowed it up. I'm almost done with the baby trail which is the biggest set (for now) and it's awesome. And by the way never ever ever buy a demoliton hub because it will last for roughly 20-30 seconds and then the bearings shred into little tiny peaces. If i didnt work at a bike shop i would probably be punching myself in the face harder than i already am because of this hub. so if you want to punch yourself in the face buy the demolition anorexia hub. And i still dont have breaks and i am an official member of the clear pedal gang. I think its just me and fish for now. oh and me and sten are the only ones who are not broken at the moment fish snapped his ankle off of the gayest jump at state with a 80ft hole in the middle and garrett fresh off of knee surgery decided to tackle a take off so he cant breath to good right now. so go sten and myself and if i get hurt tomorrow i will be so pissed. i will be even more pissed if my totally awesome and worthless hub causes me to get hurt.

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