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K I think I might go for the WTP. Atleast untill I get really good. Then I'll get a better one. For what I get paid/earn it would be 2 years before I could get a 500$ bike :/

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St.Thomas there's a nice on with foam pit. Called Industries SkatePark. I Forget the street.sorry

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I need your guys help on this decision. K, well I'm 14 and I'm looking for a bike no more than $300. Here's good bikes iv found but which one is the best?- performance wise. Hoffman 2010 scarab-24.2(weight)  2011 verde ... more »

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Well with somethings the bigger the number the smaller the object Gimme a brake, im new

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What is the bigger size for a sprocket? Is 25T bigger than 14T or is 14T bigger than 25T? Thanx.

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