[LINK TO IMAGE]So lately I've been lucky enough to have been filing for Nike 6.0. The trips have been frequent and fun. Nigel, Dennis, Spinner, Garrett, and Losey are 5 of the best people to travel with. A couple week ago I got invited on a really cool trip. It was for something called LIGHTING BOLTS. I really didn’t know much about the trip. I just get a call asking if I want to go film stuff in China, and I say yes.

Three days before my flight I received a group email that had a bunch of names I don’t usually see in an email, but I used to see on my wall. Bob Haro, Brian Blyther, Eddie Fiola and Mark Lewman just to mention a few.[LINK TO IMAGE] I travel all the time for BMX, I haven’t been this nervous to go on a trip in a while. I was going to be on a road trip with the guy who invented the whole thing we do, and one of the guys from RAD, now that’s rad!

So besides this Mega-BMX event Nike threw in China, we were actually there for 3 other HUGE Nike events we had to get through to get to our deal.

The first was something called NIKE HOUSE of INNOVATION, this was basically this Nike Museum located in a kind of SoHo district of Beijing. Oh yeah did I mention I was in China! Since the summer 2008 Olympics is going to be in China and Nike obviously has a tremendous dedication to all things athletic, they basically put together this building in China that people can check out during the Olympics. It has the evolution of many of their shoes as well as some cool artwork, and a bunch of interactive features, it was a lot like being on a Nike Spaceship.

mad shoes
best sewer cap
You know you're blinging when you got your own sewer cap!

At that point I was like “Wow, that was cool, can’t wait for the BMX event!” but then we headed to “LOOK OF CHINA”.

Nike designed a bunch of specialty shoes and uniforms specifically for the Olympics, including an SPD BMX shoe. That in itself might seem impressive, but where they had the launch for the line is what blew me away. So we walk into the FORBIDDEN CITY, yeah that’s right, the place where Emperors ruled for thousands of years over China, was now where I was standing with what felt like a thousand other people to see the Chinese Olympic uniforms and a whole bunch Nike shoes no one will ever see in a store. Words cannot describe the event they put on in that place. Simply amazing!
Forbidden City
There was a lot of people here!
induction 2
BMX shoe

But wait there is more! Right when I think we are leaving, we go back to the art district and we go into this little studio and they have a yet another launch. This one was Nike Sports Wear, which Nigel is now hooked up by. They actually had a big HD TV with Nigel riding and doing tricks in the clouds. No one in our group knew or expected that, so it ended up being one of the highlights of the night when we all arrived and saw Nigel manualing through a soft bushy cloud.
nigel clouds
sportswear launch
Blyther fistin
Blyther didn't want to run out.
Mulligan fish
Food was interesting.
Hoffman chillin
Mat Hoffman with a chinese surfer.

Next day Nike set up a tour for us to go check out the Great Wall of China. I didn’t know it was 6,000 Kilometers long, that’s about 4,000 miles, so that’s longer then America east to west. Be very thankful George Bush hasn’t appointed himself Emperor, that thing looked like a ton a work.
There's a lot of BMX history on this historical monument!

The Big night! We go to the gas tank!
SpotBasically there’s a guy at Nike, his Name is John Martin. He’s the Creative Director of Nike Action Sports. He grew up in Ireland riding BMX, and he LOVES it!!! John Came up with a concept for an art show where a group of old school BMXers took a basic Bob Haro number plate design and they did something artistic with it! In addition to the actual plates on display they set up a bunch of ramps for the Nigel, Spinner, and Maxime Charveron to get down on. Now since there was all these other events going on, this event ended up quite packed. There will be a bunch of magazine and websites coverage coming out in the next few days. I hear they are also planning to do the art show in NY and LA in the next few months!

The show was incredible and it made you feel a sense of pride being around such a strong sense of history with twist of new school live in your face. I’ve always been proud I rode, and am a part of this thing we call BMX, but this was one of those nights where I felt invincible in my conviction.
max 1
Maxime liked to do this whenever a photo was being taken!
max 2
He was also lazy!
KFC yo
KFC yo!
Jeff Tremain painting our new friend!
see a lot
we need more cars like this one!
my homie
That guy loved my bike, but he had bad shoes!

hot pot
We ate at this place called hot pot, it's basically a scam where you cook your food for yourself, Nigel ate Pig brain!
Massages were cheap in China, I got a foot one twice in one day!
We got to check out the Olympic Staduim!

bob Haro
This guy made it all happen! Bob Haro.

Shopping was FUN in China!!!
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