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Damn nicest looking black and purple bike ive seen. Not ever use of either color. Perfect ratio.

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Nwa,Tupac,B.I.G,Cypress Hill,KRS-one,Public Enemy,Eazy-E. Any of those will be good. Oh and try Tom.G-I got Problems. Thats right nows florida's anthem lol

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Looks legit man.

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Sinner FTW

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They hate us because of stupid people like you, That act all cool.

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I love parking lots. Helped with my hops, Manuals, 180s. So yeah... lol I dont like my driveway. When you have like 6 publix's in riding distance you learn to dislike driveways. lmao

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Thanks guys

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1. They had three shows before this.
2. Mike Escamilla AKA Rooftop
3. 00:41 into the video Nigel does a 180 to halfcab over the grindbox.

0 0 0

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Ratchet. Bombproof. Not to mention its like the eastern where yo can run it LHD or RHD.

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Im on here every night and sometimes during the day. But i do not think once i got in a fight with any well know members. And i will say im a noob. But i think im one of the non annoying noobs.

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Sick. All your edits are dope dude and funny. Keeep it up man.

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Hustlin nigga. Best street song EVER.

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Have you ever noticed these kids or whatever just make accounts to ask what bike they should get and then you mostly never see them again. But yeah get the WTP Zodiac.

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Lol If it had black tires and black parts where the blut parts were it would look pretty good.

Started new thread Someone likes Orange 10/29/2009 10:29 PM To much Orange. Looks like a Florida Gators bike. BIN $800 I dont care if it is a custom $800 is to much. Not to mention ugly.

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Hahaha. Both. More tuner thou. Audi A4 FTW

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Kink MotherFucking Badgers FTW