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yeah, bro, its SO much more core to pay $70 for a Shadow stem than riding one you got for free. geeez...

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New T-shirt design Vital BMX Ride All Day Hate On Kids On The Internet All Night

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i have been trying these for a long time, and I have yet to even land one - and it's getting fucking frustrating. I can barspin, and i can 180, but when I try to combine them I have trouble getting as far back as I need during the spin, and I hit my ... more »

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Yes. $10 more and way, way better than any of those others.

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holy shitballs-dude, for the sake of your back, you need a much bigger frame. You can find one for cheap and you'll like riding your bike a whole lot more once you have one.

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ugh, I never liked any slipknot. so much better hardcore out there, IMO.

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you're talking about one HUNDREDTH of an inch man....2.1 vs. 2.15 is a very very small difference.

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i ride at churches all the time. The only time it's an issue is on sundays when there's tons of people coming in and out. if anybody comes to kick you out just say, "Jesus loves me and wants me to be happy by riding my bike."

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yes. plus I hate half link chains, they stretch out too fast.

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the difference in the level of complete you will get for $450 as opposed to $350 is huge. I would definitely save up for another couple of weeks and get something with a full chromoly frame - much better investment b/c you can upgrade it but still have ... more »

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new front wheel.... most likely a hazard lite on a shadow hub. Probably picking it up this week.

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super mega micro gear ratios put a lot more stress on the driver and chain. I'd personally stick w/ a 9 or 10 tooth driver.

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really? It seems like I commit to the super high hops better when I'm cruising pretty quick. you can use your forward momentum to suck the bike up further.

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"but, they're, like, soooo light brah! I actually just upgraded from PC to a TI seat, sure it cost me $470, but I saved 3 whole OUNCES! Plus this way when I inevitably slip a pedal and land on my nuts I will make it impossible for me to have kids in ... more »

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damn dude, you're SO close! you need like one more crank and to start your hop just a little bit earlier...your front wheel is clearing it by a ton so you just need a little more room to get the back end up. a good rule of thumb is to start your hop ... more »

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I feel ya holmes, dealing with a bit of that myself after being off the bike and hurt for a month. my grinds still feel OK for the most part, I just feel fucking squirrely in the air - my transition-o-meter is all wacked out and I'm not flowing through ... more »

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I tried to read this and it killed more brain cells than a night of binge drinking. Is this thread really 3 pages of online pissing contests? Jesus.

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i have a never summer longboard. it's fun to bomb all the hills around here and it satisfies my urges for high-speed sideways riding when there's no snowboarding available. although I definitely still do tricks on it - i love high speed manuals and curb ... more »

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the more i watch it the funnier it gets, i missed like half the movie the first time around b/c everybody in the theater was laughing so hard.

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Yes it is.

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