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I live in the North East corner of CT and looking to sell whole for now local pickup only. If it doesn't sell then I will think of going the part out route. If anyone is interested I will look for my parts list or if you want to check it out let me know.

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Anyone have a Profile Z Coaster that they decided they didn't like? Let me know price and pics.

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Best thing to look for is to see if you can get into Full Chromoly frame don't worry about the parts on it in that price range.

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Like the guy said it is going to get messed up anyways if you actually ride it. I was building my sons bike and was really careful not to scratch it. Well after a few hard rides in the Park it really didn't matter. I would just use a mild soap and water. ... more »

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Ride some friends or goto the bike shop and test a few it really comes down to what you feel comfortable on. I bought my son a 20.5 and he was still growing and started to complain about his knees bumping the handle bar so we sold it off and I built ... more »

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nice rig

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Here is my build waiting on the Profile Freecoaster to become available. FlyBikes ISLA 2 frame lots of SNAFU Jet Fuel Parts.

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