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fuck yah Chad !!!

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fuck yeah steve pirates life !!!

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Nyquist is the trend.

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The shovelhead isn't a bad deal. The thing you've gotta watch for is that most of the eastern completes use a high-tensile steel rear end on the frame, but in the case of the Shovelhead, you get kind of a shittier frame but a ton of great components, ... more »

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thanks dudes for all the support lol !

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what kind of frame do you have? does it have mounts? if not just say you CANT put brakes on because the frame is brakeless, if she still wont let it go, throw on a pair of center-pull brakes (the kind like you see a lot of completes have on as front ... more »

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To add onto what street Crime said, with a freewheel the smallest rear gear you can run is a 12 (if you can still find them, DK used to make them but stopped because the bearings are so tiny in them that they blow up really easily) or a 13. This means ... more »

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thanks for that comment bro .

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osato is still the fuckin man plus hes fuckin Canadian...
Nyquist i didnt pee little, i pretty much shit lol

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