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Nordstom Clone
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Bought a frame, forks, bars...well everything for a complete build. I dropped the Odyssey Conical Headset on the ground. From what I understand everything was packed in the order of installation. Well things are no longer in order. Anyone know of a write ... more »

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Since this was a complete bike I reached out to CULT and then sent me new break arms. I will install them this weekend and get back out there. Thanks again everyone for the feedback and suggestions. Stay safe!

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This on a complete bike. The new CULT 2021 Devotion. Thanks for all of the replys I will take a look at it this weekend. Not ready to go brakeless yet.

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Here is what I am seeing. My wheel looks centered. its just seems like something happened when I was riding with the breaks. Never worked on brakes so any advice and or diagrams would be appreciated. Thanks again for the feedback. Glad I signed ... more »
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New Built Bike. Ill check for buckling but other than a few curb jumps and some bunny hops the bike is fresh out of the box. Ill check that the wheel is centered.

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not on the pads but the arms that are holding the pads. I see a number of bolts not sure which to turn to try and loosen the arms. Thanks in advance.

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Almost everything that they make that I want is out of stock. How often do they announce new products? As in 2021 Frames, Completes, etc. How often do they restock? I really want the Eclat E440 Galaxy for a build I have started thinking about. Or is ... more »

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I just started riding again. I was teaching myself to nollie. I was caught off guard and forgot to push the bike away. I ate the cement. Forehead first. I would have destroyed my cheek and lost a few teeth had I not had it on. not to mention what ever ... more »

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Hey guys. Looking at the Cult Devotion I want to replace the Cassette with a Free Coaster. But I am wondering is the Cassette and Rim on the Devotion the SDS 9t and the v2 Match wheels? The reason I am asking is I want to just do a swap with Freecoaster ... more »

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Hey everyone! Like almost of the over 40 crowd Covid sparked a desire to ride again. Being 47 I finally decided to do it. I have not picked up a bike in over 30 years. I stumbled across a few Brad Simms videos and I just wanted to pedal as well as get ... more »