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sbc785 and to all, check out the coupon code we just posted up. yes we do ship to selected international countries.. to see if we ship to your county please visit ... more »

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Sidewall Action Sports Store

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I will keep an eye out for your order.. Thanks for the support. I should also add that if your order is $50 or more you will receive free shipping.. So you save double.. free shipping and save on the Gas it would cost to drive here.. hehe. Mark

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Hello SBC785, This is Mark here at Sidewall, we chatted this morning on the Live Chat. I didn't get a chance to explain why we do not have a show room. To stay in good standings with the local shops we decided not to offer show room for orders that are ... more »

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bmx at c-town

side wall is awsome but u guys need stickers man. a nuce purdy little sidewall sticker would be pretty dang sexy on my bike,ramps,helment(where ever that thing is),sister,and maybe my motorcycle

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BMXinvasion bike battle #8 contest
May 25th at Hackettstown park! All day event novice,expert and pro classes. Registration begins at 10am until 1pm. $25.00 to enter the class of your choice. The Monster energy crew will be at the event handing out tasters to fans,spectators and riders. The park is open friday night 10pm to 2:30am for practice and also saturday regular sessions all day. Sunday is the main event. Jam format

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