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Any regular sprocket should work with the 1pc cranks. As long as it’s not a nano-drive 23t then you will be fine. I know Profile used to offer the Imperial in 23t that was regular bolt drive. I do think he would get used to the 25t if he keeps riding ... more »

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Sean said on his IG earlier that there is in fact footage of the occurrence but he doesn’t like to watch it and likely won’t ever let it see the light of day 😖

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I ride the Supreme on the La Gardia on both of my bikes. Yes the chain will wear grooves into the sprocket, but not any worse than a regular Shadow Interlock on any other guard sprocket.

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I had it happen a long time ago with the SXTN (or TL48 as it’s called now.) also have received 2 used ones in the past year that were pinched. & have friends who had theirs pinch. And then I recall a thread on here from some years back where others ... more »

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Shipping services in our area are only delivering to/picking up from residential addresses every day. They were only stopping by businesses twice a week, but as of Monday we will most likely have to close our doors for at least a week to comply with ... more »

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The Odyssey stems are pretty well known for pinching, but just be mindful not to over tighten the clamp bolts and you shouldn’t have any issues

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Lol he’s on my Instagram post (the one that appears to have sparked this thread) calling me a “fucking pussy” for having absolutely no option but to either postpone or entirely cancel my annual event. As if I WANTED to completely change my travel plans, ... more »

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We’re kicking off the largest annual street jam in the Midwest again this year on April 18th & have plans to make it bigger and better than ever before! If you’re reading this, consider yourself invited🙌🏻 We will be starting off the day as usual

... more »

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I do raffle off the bikes that I build & use the proceeds to host BMX jams. Not quite the same as what Crandall does with just straight gifting them to local kids that otherwise couldn’t afford to get into BMX🙂🙌🏻

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Per Odyssey’s own words - Each batch of that hub is manufactured slightly different to keep up with the issues they have with each batch. Because of this - some crankflip, some don’t. Oh and Matt Nordstrom’s Clutch v2 that he’s running in the Clutch ... more »

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I am a “street” rider & currently working for a BMX shop in Virginia and would love to help out if I can. Shoot me an email and I’ll put a resume together for you.

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@crandallfbm on Instagram / Steve Crandall on Facebook, or I think he has an Instagram specifically for the RAD Share program if you look it up!

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I got my wrist taken away and moved to Virginia to work for a bike shop, where I still do the shreddage. I still browse the forum from time to time in hopes of finding a Mongoose Sniper Pro🙃 Welcome back mane!

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Have you checked We have a few sets of used BSD cranks

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I’ve broken two of these chains, both after approximately 2 years of riding on them. I also do tons of sprocket stalls so it’s pretty much inevitable. I do believe I broke the very first one - it was less than a month after they announced that none have ... more »

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The Odyssey Springfield is typically the go-to choice for minimal maintenance, however they are known to have issues when used with gyro set ups. Also not sure if they work as fronts.. Most other U-Brakes function practically the same as each other, ... more »

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Yeah I sold you this frame, it’s one of the Taiwan-made T-1 Hickersons from more recent times. Not a U.S. Made 5-A-Day.