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I will literally buy all of it in one purchase, if that helps you out. Just shoot me a detailed part list and pics on ig or something

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That’s quite a bit of assumptions there🙂 Sorry that I expected their product to function as advertised, and as it had prior when I (and plenty of my fellow riders) owned the exact same one. I’m not going to waste my time addressing your assumptions because, ... more »

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They’re made in the same factory as most other Taiwanese made bars. They’ll be fine & certainly an upgrade from the stock handlebars on that bike. If you’re riding excessively hard or have an issue with breaking bars, then maybe look into something ... more »

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I strip powdercoated stuff multiple times a week with cheap Walmart stripper. Bars, frames, alloy bits - you name it. It’s much less time consuming than using oven cleaner on anodized stuff - and without the risk of pitting the metal if you let it soak ... more »

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Instead of fighting with oven cleaner or having them blasted - just buy some of the powdercoated limited edition colors & soak them with aircraft stripper. We also have a set of raw Aerospace rims here at powers if you’d like some that are ready ... more »

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Ride bikes and do whatever sounds fun

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It’s a good bike. $350 is fair, but I’m sure you can get it for $200-300 if you play your cards right. Left handed people will ride the lever on the left sometimes, or people with right hand/wrist injuries.

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I’m riding one on my cassette bike and replaced the nut with a BSD Jersey Barrier Hub Guard (for Profile hubs.) Works great, and it’s an awesome hub.

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Oh and best of all, this is my absolute favorite business model *mark up price of product 100%* *put product on sale 50% off* “FiFtY-pErCeNt OfF sAlE!”

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*Logs onto BMX internet forum for first time ever* *Writes up a phony 3rd person pov post about their own lame clothing brand that BMX doesn’t need* *Receives 2 equally phony internet replies from active forum members* *Gets defensive & deletes post* ... more »

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1. Don’t spray paint clamping areas 2. Don’t sand/file material out of clamping areas (use paint stripper to remove spray paint) 3. Wipe the surfaces clean of any metal shavings/debris from sanding and/or the bars slipping 4. Make sure you aren’t over-tightening ... more »

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Similar problem with my Shadow shin pads recently. I don’t wear them often, but Ive never had the issue in my previous experiences riding with them. Felt like mosquito bites all down my leg for a few days after, and I rubbed em raw from scratching them. ... more »

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I have a pair and they are the absolute worst Jeans I’ve ever BMXed in. 10/10 would not recommend. Also not interested in winning a pair of jeans on Feb. 30th🙃🤣

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Crazy Clark, Ben Lorson, Dick Sude to name a few

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They have been doing frames in batches for a bit now. In other words, they’d only do a batch of Steadfasts, then a batch of Paradigms, etc. Now the guy who was welding for them has left and is supposedly starting his own BMX company. FBM has been through ... more »

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We should have everything you need right here😉