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Reply to Frames and parts 3/7/2019 12:33 AM

He would have to buy the EVO f/f kit from Stranger to even be able to get the new tapered fork anyways. And John Hicks is off Stranger now as of last weekend, so I doubt Rich even gave him one of these frame kits knowing his contract was up right after ... more »

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Clear raw/trans frames/parts are still heat treated. They have to be to stand up to any of today's riding. The dark grey color you speak of is the rustproof coating that comes on most parts (except raw/trans colored). Exactly why raw/trans frames are ... more »

Reply to Bottom Bracket Heights 3/4/2019 10:00 PM

This. "In" vs "on"

Reply to Best bang-for-your-buck rear cassette wheel? 3/2/2019 1:07 AM

It's sad that we're even saying stuff like this in today's day and age. Dan's was great in the midschool days. I remember being stoked af to get my new catalog every few months as a kid

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Clicked on this thread hoping for a Gyro discussion, was not disappointed. Tzatziki sauce on lamb is incredible... And so is ranch on pizza fwiw

I do agree about steak though. It shouldn't need sauce
Reply to Companies whose frames you would be scared to ride 3/2/2019 12:31 AM

Damn.. I can't even respond to this without writing an entire essay of thoughts about both sides of why Cult and Stranger should or shouldn't be hated on. Just gonna leave it at this.. Past team/company decisions and drama: Irrelevant at this point, ... more »

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If you've been wearing Vans for a long time and go back to wearing big padded skate shoes, it feels like you have pillows wrapped around your feet

I usually ride in Vans though because the puffiness gets in the way, and because they're more ... more »
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And an oil slick pizza? That said, this bike is pretty rare, but more for the older guys rather than the somewhat majority younger gen that's on here. Sucks you have to pay to use the buy/sell section on bmxmuseum, but it will probably be more worth ... more »


Ridden with Ethan Corriere a few times recently. I think he spends more time in reverse than rolling forward tbh

Reply to Best bang-for-your-buck rear cassette wheel? 3/1/2019 12:10 AM

If you're so concerned with tax and upcharging, then why aren't you just buying nice used parts on here or Offerup for like 1/2 to 1/3rd of the retail price?

That 150 you're trying to spend could get you a way better wheel, and possibly a matching ... more »
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The bb spacer that was in my Fit WiFi was 50mm, so I'm assuming that's basically industry standard nowadays

Reply to Companies whose frames you would be scared to ride 2/27/2019 8:46 PM

I'm aware that the consistency of today's riding has progressed, based on today's advances such as lighter bikes and parts. But fact remains, they were doing the same tricks. They invented them, and you just said it yourself. They just needed a bigger

... more »
Reply to Why the hate on gloves? 2/27/2019 7:20 PM

Reply to Companies whose frames you would be scared to ride 2/27/2019 3:50 AM

Agreed. I too think that S&M riders are more likely to just be gnarly af and hucking big shit more often, especially on dirt. But imo, that confidence to be able to do so comes from their reputation and marketing image that they've portrayed since ... more »

Reply to Companies whose frames you would be scared to ride 2/27/2019 2:03 AM

Looks looks like there was basically zero weld penetration on every S&M part I've ever seen that has failed near a weld. Those forks are a good example of what I'm talking about. The dropout shouldn't have just ripped clean off like that. The weld ... more »

Reply to Companies whose frames you would be scared to ride 2/25/2019 1:55 PM

Yeah I saw it. Part of me wants to give GT another chance in the modern era. I've been watching their freestyle progress and they're starting to look alot better again. More of a nostalgia thing for me since I owned a few of them racing as a kid

Reply to New kink contender frame has open end caps your thoughts? 2/25/2019 1:33 PM

The small seemingly useless holes in frames near welds are for the welding gasses would building up inside the tube. Most frames have holes drilled into whatever tube they're connected to as well, so uncapped stays is more of a look thing nowadays, especially

... more »
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If you're a GT guy, you should give one of their new signature frames a try. That Globetrotter frame is looking awfully nice

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Come on guys, we all know why Americans generally hate on tea drinkers. The British drank tea, they tried to tax us, so we tossed that shit in the harbor. You must be some fancy ass powdered wig wearing queen fearing American oppressing red coat if you

... more »
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True, pads suck. Gloves and a helmet are whatever, but for me, honestly I can't ride at all if I have a jacket or especially a backpack on, even if they're both really lightweight. Idk what it is about it. The mere presence of either severely hinders ... more »