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Chug a half gallon of milk and do a hop 3 each way. Good for a laugh anyway.

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I found mine on Letgo for $50 and love it. It is short but it forced me to learn how to hop on early.

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Dont forget Ame Tri grips from that period.

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Are the brake mounts welded on. Not normal for the OS V3.

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my bet is that the sprocket spacer is placed in backwards so the sprocket is floating on the spindle instead of being centered. I have seen so many people do this wrong. you can tell immediately because the sprocket will be pulled forward towards the ... more »

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Skip Woodward and just get a hotel room in Tampa for 4-5 days. Just make sure that you are covered for Wed and Sunday so that you can ride SPOT on those days and then on the other days, you can ride some awesome concrete skate parks all within an hour. ... more »

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I scored a like-new Subrosa rail for $50 off letgo yesterday. Got 5 minutes on it before the rain started. Going to love having this thing to work on rail combos at home.

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Check out Gypsy Bikes on instagram. Best deal going if you want a tech street frame.

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I ride a frame with a 20.75tt, 75.5hta, and 12.75CS. It seems to me that it is much harder to hop without looping out and I have had no luck with manuals on this setup. I run a top load with 9.5"bars and was wondering if lowering the front end slightly ... more »

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This picture just screams BMX to me. This is exactly why I bought a 20" after 20+ years. Couldn't bump jump on a 26". Nothing better than an quick X-up or Table off a root or sidewalk heave.

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I found that if I just did the short hop and spin thing, I wasn't able to fakie but I could do the roll-out/revert. To really fakie I have to pull up and rotate clean while landing in a position that is ready to fakie. When I do this, I have no choice ... more »

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The piece in question is required to take up the space between the steerer tube OD and the top bearing ID. it is slotted to allow it to fit correctly. Without this item, the bearing is not working as designed and will wear the bottom bearing considerably ... more »

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Not mine. Just saw it posted and was shocked. I know that I've seen guys looking for those in the past.

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I turned 45 last week and have been back at this for about a year. I have noticed that the biggest thing that helps me is forcing myself to keep my feet on. If I am going to go for a rail or a small gap or even a 180 at higher speed, I concentrate on ... more »

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Does the right handed/left foot forward have anything to do with if a person skated first? Or maybe who they learned from. I know that on a skateboard, I am regular footed with the left forward and usually spin to the right. On a bike I am right foot ... more »

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Tahir, As someone who is relearning everything after 20yrs away. I found that if I increased the speed a little and really focused on landing in a position to backpedal (I ride cassette) I was able to commit. The 180 comes almost naturally if you are ... more »

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Looks like a 2013 Shovelhead. I sold one a couple of months ago. Has the correct downtube/headtube union and the seatclamp is correct. Dropouts look right also. 2013 wasn't full chromoloy. Only the front triangle was.

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Buy the BSD Nasa wheels instead of the GSport and save a ton of money. Most people won't use the warranty and they are just as strong in material and construction at much lower cost. As for hubs, I run the BSD but would switch to profile if I could afford ... more »

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I had two bulged discs in my neck 2 yrs ago. I was unable to do anything from the nerve pain. I was on pain pills and couldn't work. I received a shot to reduce the swelling and it immediately relieved the pressure from the 2 nerve bundles that were ... more »