hey guys,

My bike is one of the original mongoose bmx's and my cousin gave it to me about 8 years ago. Its been through hell, dont know how many puncture repairs ive had to do or how many inner tubes I have gone through but its alot! I havnt had any problems with it yet apart from my brakes but that was easily sorted, just a small adjustment. I have recently replaced the front sprocket to a 25 tooth salt bmx sprocket and I pedal my ass off getting places, ive changed the grips (everyone does I know); again for the third time in two months! Currently I have blue salt bmx grips on and the are really comfortable to hold, its was a really good buy baring in mind they only cost £10.  Im new to the whole bike thing as I changed from scooters to bmx's about 5 months ago. I plan on doing quiet a bit to my bike and any suggestions on what I should do would be a great help if u can give me idea's. Im not sure on the colour scheme though, white fames and other bits blue like the sprocket, handle bars, forks, pedals and the rims or white frame and other bits red?

After taking my bike to my dads I bought something called "GT85" and its amazing, I cleaned my hole bike with it! Its also a lubricant,  and provide a small clear layer over things to protect them, u can also use it on electrical circuits to remove water and keep it out, the stuff if great, it to was also a really good price.

Thats about it but any suggestions on what parts to get will be a great help!

Thanks for reading guy.

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