Never fails, every time I check my email there is one that makes me stop and shake my head. I got one this morning and it was from Will Love. I guess Will is gave up on joining the Bowling tour?


“Haven’t spoken in a while. A lot has happened. I moved to Knoxville. Here is my new address.

Will Love
no no no
Knoxville, TN 37000

I bought a new car. It’s a 95 Nissan 240sx and I am now into drifting. I love it; it’s like bike riding, but in a car. So, I went to a drift competition in New Jersey this weekend. Went up and stayed in the Maxxis RV and got to meet lots of industry people it was an awesome time. So, I’m on my way back last night and stopped in Johnson City at my sister’s apt. to get my bike then head back to Knoxville. About an hour later while driving on the interstate, my whole roof rack comes off my car, bike still attached. It was then immediately hit by a tractor trailer and basically exploded. Everything was demolished, but somehow the frame managed to stay pretty straight. BAMA STRONG! Anyways, I gotta order a whole new bike.”

You’ve got to love it.
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