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Ill see if i can get some better pics outside with a real camera. Color is crazy in the sun This bike just wants to do ice picks every damn day 21.6 is overkill for 6'1

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I'm 6'5" and its got plenty of room, no more knees into the bars, but nice short back end, coming from last frame which was ~14.5". Pops into the manuals fairly easy as long as you are tall enough to lever it up. You definitely feel the extra tt length. ... more »

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BSD Raider 21.6 trans black Tree Moto 9.5 bars - probably cut to 28/29 Odyssey R32 Forks S&M Enduro 52mm stem Profile LHD 175mm cranks Tree 27t Sprocket Cult dehart seat Fly Tractor chain Profile Mini LTD Jeff K hubs Profile Hub guards Gsport Birdcage

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